Mobile Blog, On the Move !

Hello Again !! Now .::Hackology::. Blog can be viewed on the Move i.e via your Cell Phone  .Just point your cellular devices to and the Mobile Compatible version will load in your device, No Worries…   Enjoy Again Folks !!! See ya then .. Have to wake up for sehri 😉

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  • Rahul

    Hi, i am surfing this blog via my Nokia.So ws thnkn if sm post or page 4 mob sectn cn b made.So dat v open it n quickly download mob relatd stuff directly?. . . Thnks

  • @Rahul
    well.. idea is not bad but why everyone gives such a hard task 🙂 …it’l be a sperate project … can be done .. needs time which unfortunatly 😐 is never at my side… will look into still .. any particular stuff you looking out for ?

  • muqeet


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