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Prince of Persia 1989 – Open Source

We all remember the Prince of Persia , the Dungeons the Skeletons the Blades the Spikes .. Good old times 🙂

Well the Maker of PoP (not sands of time shit , the actual thing i am talking about 🙂 ) Jordan Mechner has revealed the 22 year old game of his for the CyberWorld , The Source Code is available at GitHub , you all should follow him at @jmechner one of his tweet is happy explaining that only a Floppy can sustain so many years and he has proved it,

The site also has lots of interesting stuff how they recovered all the data its not that easy and well he was greatly helped by Tony Diaz and Jason Scott (site)

He explains his story how all the process went and its a very interesting read on his Website

The interesting part was that all that work of his and all the fun right now its all Sized 2MB thats 😀

You should also check out the images they uploaded to Flickr as they recovered the data.


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