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All you need to know about Xiaomi S1 and S1 Active Smartwatch


Xiaomi has recently launched two new smartwatches named S1 and S1 active. S1 is a classy watch giving you an exquisite professional look while the S1 active gives you a sporty touch. Both the watches share almost the same internal features but there is quite a difference in their outer look. S1 and S1 active are the direct competitors of Samsung galaxy watch 4, Amazfit GTR 3, Amazfit GTR 3 pro, and HUAWEI GT 2 and GT 3 due to their prices and functions. S1 comes at a price of $269 and the launching price of S1 active is $199.

Outer Look

Xiaomi watches S1 and S1 active both come with a large 1.43” AMOLED display, 466 × 466-pixel resolution, 60Hz high refresh rate, and 326ppi giving you a bright high-resolution crystal clear display. In vivid sunlight, both the watches can reach up to 450 nits which means that you will not have any issue with legibility.

The S1 comes with sapphire-coated crystal glass which is extremely worn and scratch-resistant and gives a very glittering look. S1 has a watchcase made from 316L stainless steel which is highly corrosion and scratch-resistant and makes S1 the most durable of the Xiaomi watches. On the other hand, the S1 active comes with an exquisite metal bezel which is also scratch-resistant and makes the watch very light. S1 active weighs only 36.3g without the strap. S1 and S1 active both Xiaomi watches come with an always-on display which makes it easier for you to keep track of the time. S1 comes in two colours which are black and silver and the box also includes an additional fluoro rubber strap which is very durable, exquisite, and non-sticky to the skin even if you are sweating during a workout. S1 active comes in vibrant colours including moonlight, ocean blue, and space black. You can also buy additional straps of your choice in yellow, orange, and green to get a sportier look.


Xiaomi watches S1 and S1 active both come with a dual-band multi-system GPS which Xiaomi claims that it supports five major satellite positioning systems with advanced algorithms to provide the users with the most accurate and faster GPS positioning.

Watch Faces

Both the watches have almost 200+ built-in watch faces which include different themes like sporty, technology, minimalistic, cartoonist, etc. In addition to that, you can also custom-build the watch face to match your taste and temperament.

Workout Modes

Xiaomi claims that S1 and S1 active can track 117 sports modes including 19 professional modes from basketball, tennis, swimming, yoga, treadmill to even your dance moves. These are the only watches from Xiaomi that track so many of your workout movements and activities.

S1 and S1 active both come with a sports button which means that all your favourite workouts and activities are now just a single click away from you. You can also customize the workout from the settings to gain access to your favourite activities with a single click.


Xiaomi S1 and S1 active come with a large 470mAh battery which Xiaomi claims can provide you a large battery backup of 12 days in typical mode mean even with a continuous heart rate monitoring you can get a long battery life of 12 days. In power-saving mode, you can get 24 days of battery back up on a single charge in both watches. S1 also features wireless charging support while S1 active has a magnetic charging dock.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring / Sp02

The S1 and S1 active feature a powerful PPG biosensor that can continuously track your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. With the more advanced and improved algorithm, Xiaomi claims these watches measure the most accurate readings ever in the Xiaomi watch. The watch can also send you a notification when your heart rate is too high and can keep a record of your heart rate for the past 30 days.


Stress Detection / Breathing Exercises

In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring and measuring sp02 levels, both these Xiaomi watches can detect your stress level and keep a record of 30 days so that you can keep aware of your health more effectively. To relieve the mental stress, you can also perform breathing exercises on both the watches for 1-5 minutes.

Sleep Tracking

Xiaomi claims that it has improved the sleep tracking algorithm by up to 35% from the previous MI watch. S1 and S1 active can track your deep sleep and even your daytime naps so that you can remain fully aware of your sleep activities and can manage them.

Water Resistant

S1 and S1 active both features a 5ATM water resistance which means you can easily wear your watch in the rain or while swimming.

Bluetooth Calling

Both the watches have a built-in microphone and speaker which means that you can answer the incoming calls with just a single tap on your watch and can talk conveniently.

NFC Cashless Payments

One of the features missing in the Xiaomi watches from its competitors so far was the NFC cashless payment. This time Xiaomi added this feature to both the watches and the users can easily make their contactless payments from MasterCard with just a single flick of the wrist.


Another major upgrade from previous Xiaomi watches is the addition of Alexa voice assistant in S1 and S1 active. Now, you can easily set an alarm, check weather conditions, and can control your smart appliances just by asking the built-in Alexa.

Emergency Calling

Another interesting feature of both the watches is that in an emergency situation you can simply tap three times at the button on the bottom right corner and the watch will simply make a call to your emergency contact number.


Xiaomi S1 and S1 active are compatible with both android (9.0 and above) and IOS (10 and above).

Major Difference

The only major difference in the functions of S1 and S1 active is to keep track of female health. S1 cannot track the female menstrual cycle while the S1 active can keep track of the female period cycle through the MI fitness app.


Now, the question comes are these smartwatches worth buying? The answer is very simple, Yes. The price at which Xiaomi is offering these watches is very competitive making them a definite worth buying. There are not many smartwatches that offer such eye-catching features and a classy and sporty look in this price range. So, if you are looking for a good smartwatch in this range, then S1 and S1 active should be your go-to watches.

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