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Sandboxie Alternatives

There are many isolation programs( also known as Virtualization Applications or Sandbox applications) that enable you to test new softwares safely, without actually installing them on mapped drive. Additionally these programs improve over all security of the system by running those programs in sandbox that are often targeted by malware developer. Among all, Sandboxie is the most popular though, but many other stable and effective sandboxie alternative are out there that are worth trying.


BufferZone is the end point security system meant for corporate networks to keep their internal IT environment safe and secure. BufferZone is mainly designed for the purpose of keeping the IT system protected from zero-day exploits, phishing scams, rootkits and other potential threats. BufferZone has been in the dark for some time but now its being maintained again


GeSWall ensures safe and secure use of Internet. Web surfing, online chat, Email, Sharing and almost each application over the Internet is made secure for you.The Commercial and easy to use program is basically an advanced level intrusion prevention system that requires no configuration. GeSwall is a sandbox application

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender enable Windows users to protect the real environment of their systems from malicious threats and unwanted changes. System is run in Shadow mode that is entirely different environment where all new changes are made. Shadow mode automatically controls new installation, if suspicious activities are noticed after installation, the system can be rebooted to restore the original state. In addition, any file or folder that is important can be saved permanently on mapped drive.Shadow Defender is an easy to use sandbox application and a great sandboxie alternative


Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox is an ideal sandboxie alternative as it has all the features of the aforementioned application and its frequently updated aswell. Shade Sandbox also comes in an Enterprise version.Once installed it will appear as Cybergenic Security Center in your Programs so do not get confused from that


Evalaze is also a virtualization based application that allows users to install new programs in virtual environment first. Highlighted feature of Evalazed is that it is designed for multiple versions of the same application to be run in parallel, which gives it an advantage over other Virtualization Applications.

Your Favourite Sandbox / Virtualization Application

Needless to say,there is no foolproof way of keeping your system secure,so its always best to have multiple approaches for safeguarding yourself. Sandboxing is distinct from traditional security methods but is really a great approach. Virtualization Applications also allow security enthusiasts to check even known malware for their research projects


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