‘Swiss Army Knife’ of handsets is Icephone

 A smartphone originally built for the British military and which unfolds to three panels – the screen, a full QWERTY typing pad and a game pad with multiple triggers – is set to be launched commercially next year.


The Icephone, which is being dubbed ‘the Swiss Army Knife of Handsets’, is a 3G gadget with a 3in touchscreen that’s described as a phone, netbook, gaming device and satnav by Graham Gilmour, from Edinburgh-based developer The Medical Phone.

"The phone changes shape to suit the task at hand," said Gilmour, who demonstrating the Icephone at November’s 3GSM Asia exhibition in Macau.


The Windows Mobile 6.0-based phone, which has a rubbery, ruggedised casing, features an ‘ICE button’ just below the typing pad. Users can hit button to notify emergency services, operate the satnav, or even obtain their complete digital medical records, identification and other data.

The Medical Phone plans to launch the handset in Q2 2009, when it will sell for under $1,000 (£680).

IcePhone comes with some features like :


The changing shape of mobile communications

Exquisitely designed and beautifully engineered, the iCEphone™
effortlessly allows different form factors for different situations.
This cutting edge micro notebook touch phone is the Swiss Army Knife of handsets combining 4 main devices packing everything you need into one handy device.

Use all your skills

By maintaining significant similarity to familiar devices, the iCEphone™ minimizes any resistance (either real or psychological) to adopting a new device. It integrates the skills you have already learned when operating other devices.



The micro-notebook has both a desktop and a handheld mode. On a desktop the incredibly intuitive keyboard folds out; in the handheld mode the secondary
keyboard tucks underneath – but still functions with the keys accessed like a games player, giving proper keyboard functionality in both modes.
In both desktop and handheld modes the micro-notebook offers:

  • Large landscape screen, (to ease web browsing and mobile office working)
  • Full QWERTY functionality
  • Mouse
  • Touch typing and multi-key strokes (eg Ctrl-Alt-Del)
  • Large keys
  • Windows mobile


A touch phone that follows industry standards for functionality and includes a 3.1MP camera. By automatically switching between landscape and portrait, the iCEphone™ also offers unsurpassed multimedia options. 3G (HSDPA) makes the phone compatible with all the latest technology offered by the networks.


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The iCEphone™ offers a step change in mobile gaming, with all the functionality normally only associated with home gaming systems – joystick, multi-directional key, games function buttons, multiple triggers and large landscape screen.


The built in GPS receiver allows Operators to pre-load their own satellite navigation information and to offer other location based content.


Then its not all , there comes a military version of this all in one Hospital Phone ..



Thousands of organisations worldwide deliver emergency medical care and employ hundreds of thousands of providers both civilian and military in the public and private sectors.

The military / emergency services version of the iCEphone™ is based on the same core technologies but has been further enhanced to meet the demanding requirements of these markets.



The software can be on 1 of 6 different functional levels, depending on the skill level of the user. When stress is intense, even experienced medics benefit from cues to prompt the best course of action:


A wrist mount for the handset allows the attending medic or doctor to treat the casualty hands-free, while utilising the large touch screen to make the software clearly visible and accessible. It also has the following features:

  • Reader device for the electronic ID tag
  • Secondary charging facility
  • Interface to emergency/military communication systems



Electronic handover records are automatically created to ease communication between various medical providers, following the standard MIST format:

Injury or Illness
Symptoms and Signs
Treatment provided


To ensure that medical records are maintained and available, a ruggedised electronic ID tag (dog tag) has been designed to be worn by all military personnel to carry their medical records in an encrypted fashion.

This can be read by the handset (via the wrist mount) and, as it is USB based, can also be read by laptops and PCs. This helps secure the data, with a copy staying with the casualty, a copy retained on the handset and a copy passed electronically to the next in line.


Additional strengthening features to meet a 1.2m drop,
a hard screen cover and Ingress Protection to IP54.





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