Alrite! Let Me Google That For You

This is something really funny, I think i’ll be using this alot as many users of .::Hackology::. Portal ask Question which need an answer like this : allows you to enter any search query, then grab the resulting permalink to share it with someone else. For instance, if someone in a forum would ask “What does ’AFAIK’ stand for?”, you could (somewhat impolitely) point them to this search, which would then interactively perform a Google search for “afaik” for the visitor. (Kind of the next version of this even more impolite site… and nope, neither site is an official Google site…) …

You can try using this > and see the results 😉

Really Nice … 🙂

  • lol !!! that was damn funny !! and an awesome idea no doubt 😀

  • but its too polite … need a harsh version for some of my special friends 👿

  • don’t you think “” fulfills that ‘need’ ? 😛

  • Seriously dude that awesome 😛

  • yeah but how bout a wacky version …. like someone coming out and hittin the user and then dragging him to his search and then say “see it just takes a sec” 😉

  • Aikon

    Have pity on us:p

  • johnny

    nVr0IL Thanks for good post

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