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Top Passwords of 2018 : Donald

Idiot Shows Trump, Donald gives Access : 2018 Top Passwords

Last year on this date, I shared a post on my Facebook Page of Top 20 Passwords of 2017, which were gathered from 1.4 Billion clear text password hack.

This year is no different and dumb passwords are still to stay, lets analyse what people have been using this year. Do keep in mind that these passwords are gathered from various leaked hacked sources which are later shared on the internet.

Top 25 Passwords in 2018

There are plenty of old favorites – including ‘password’ – but this year many new ones are also visible.There’s no change to the winner. The top slot is retained by 123456, while #2 on the list is password.

Other top 10 places are taken by 12345, 1234567, 12345678 and 123456789, which is completed by 111111, sunshine, qwerty and iloveyou.

Sorry, Mr. President, but this is not fake news – using your name or any common name as a password is a dangerous decision

The new password entries this year are : 111111sunshineprincess, 666666654321!@#$%^&*, charlieaa123456, password1 and qwerty123.

I hope there is no competition in the world where people are made to keep simple and easy to hack passwords ?

Full List of Top Passwords of Year 2018

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 123456789
  4. 12345678
  5. 12345
  6. 111111
  7. 1234567
  8. sunshine
  9. qwerty
  10. iloveyou
  11. princess
  12. admin
  13. welcome
  14. 666666
  15. abc123
  16. football
  17. 123123
  18. monkey
  19. 654321
  20. !@#$%^&*
  21. charlie
  22. aa123456
  23. donald
  24. password1
  25. qwerty123

Partial Password in the List Above ?

If you can see your password or if the list of 25 makes 50% of your password, it is time for you to change it and keep something that is not a name,birthday,place, location and especially not ‘Donald

I have already shared a very great article which shows how you can check out if your passwords are hacked and how you can check them and what happens when only one password is compromised : Is Strong Password A Safe Password


Let me end it by saying, whats your password ? Ok do not share that but whatever it is it should never be shared EVER. It should not be repeated and it should not be a dumb password.

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