Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone

Are you planning to buy an iphone ? If so then this post is a must read for you.The much hyped iPhone 3G was launched in India a few weeks back and we have seen many issues and open security flaws in the new iPhone.Here I have some of the top reasons for which you shouldn’t buy an iphone.

  • The worst thing is that you cannot forward a SMS message!! Don’t think that I am foolish, but really your iPhone 3G can’t forward a simple SMS. You’ll have to retype the SMS and forward it.
  • There is NO copy / paste functionality. So you need to remember the texts and type again as you go.
  • Bluetooth functionality is only limited to headset useYou cant do any file transfer over Bluetooth.So if you are planning to share your songs or photos with your friends then forget about it!
  • Absolutely no camera settings  its just like some ancient digital camera which does only point and shoot functionality.No Flash,No Zoom functionality.
  • Photos taken in a VGA camera is better than that of iphone!
  • The iPhone 3G is simply overpriced in India (Costs almost twice the price as in US)
  • Its in built Safari web browser does not support Flash as well as Java.
  • There is No office document editor. Most Nokia’s come with inbuilt editors for Word / Excel.
  • The iPhone doesn’t has AD2P on the Bluetooth which means you cant get stereo sound via Blue Tooth headphones, thats a big disappointment for the music fans.
  • The iPhone doesnt has a Removable battery. Yes  you cannot change the battery yourself. Apple expects you to send the phone to an Apple Outlet to replace the battery. Now if you travel too much  what are you gonna do? Look for an Apple Store to interchange the travel battery?
  • iPhone doesnt has an option to send MMS. Forget about MMS.
  • Though you cant sent MMS You can’t receive MMS messages too!
  • You cant set your personal songs as ring tones!
  • The iPhone’s screen is not Finger Print Resistant. Since the iPhone is a touch screen phone so it is bound to get your finger prints each time you touch so it gets dirty very easily.
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These are some of the top reasons that shows iphones incapability.But there are many more such reasons for you to stop buying an iphone.If you still want to buy the iphone then definitely you must be crazy?!

  • is this actually true ? :/

    we cant send mms ?

  • Mukesh Sharma

    Yes Bro.. It is.. I just bought a new iPhone.. Was very Happy on Buying that but afterwards i came to know that it just has look features and nothing else.. Although its good for gaming.. You can still send MMS but there is no inbuilt feature in it… You will haveto use external softwares for that….
    Nokia Rocks…!
    Even it cannot withstand Nokia N97 and others..

  • well i agree here … Nokia is on top

  • I just read one point and stopped reading ahead (well because i have paper @ 9:00 PST and its 2:22 PST and i have yet to start 😀 :P)… No Copy Paste Functionality ?!?! come ON !! its been “built-in” since OS 3.0… which came out ages ago… Keep yourself updated, you are getting old lol 😉

  • btw… i would like to add… iPhone is like a computer… now you can have only a browser in it to check mails etc.

    OR you can install software/applications to do a hell lot more… grow up ppl… its the age of software =p

  • oh i read the last point too… WELL… i am not sure if 3G to 2G calls are possible in the given technology… i know one thing for SURE !!… you can turn off 3G feature to run your iPhone on 2G !! saves battery too =p !!

  • Ironically… I am posting this comment using my sister’s iPhone 3gs =p it’s awesome =D

  • ding

    iphone , N900 , N97 or black berry 8900 ,…which one is the best ????

  • iPhone 4 =p but wait till its problems (reception etc) are ironed out !!

  • lismjUmma

    Hey all! I am new to this community. Just want to greet you 🙂

  • burhan ahmed

    well first of all most of this post is just crap
    u can fwd msgs in iphone,,,im usn it..n this function is there n u can copy/paste as well n that too very easily

    sec its camera quality is much better than vga

    if u r afraid of gettin ur fingerprints on iphone then use screen protector

    guys trust me its awsum phone
    experience it n decide urself

  • well i guess Mukesh has some broken iPhone 😛

  • Mukesh Sharma

    Haha… I am having the first ever released model of iPhone.. Poor mobile had to face several deadly crimes being with me.. :P.. Broken, Stolen, Played as a Football and much more.. Haha.. 😀 Now, I does not even allow significant updations of OS.. It’s just a kind of rubbish for me.. It totally wasted my taste for iPhones.. I had a plan to invest some about $1000, had a thought of using them in iPhone but then I preferred Nokia and HTC.. and I am still enjoying having two of them in place of a single one.. Although I am still missing the luxorious enjoyment and application support of iPhone but I would prefer to invest on Nokia.. Nokia Rocks… 🙂

  • Pranav Prakash

    Hi all,
    I am Using the iPhone since last 6 month. Other then Bluetooth, Battery i found everything in this blog as wrong.
    iPhone Supports MMS
    iPhone have message forwarding option
    iPhone have Copy paste option
    iPhone doesn’t have in - built text editor but you can
    download lots of free one from app store
    iPhone Screen are scratch resistant so you can even rub it
    on your cloth to clean it.
    I am not sure about 3G and 2G aspect but most probably it
    doesn’t have the mentioned problem.
    About Camera iPhone have a camera resolution of 1950 X 1530
    approx. which is much greater then VGA
    also you can download different utility from
    app store to make you avail different feature
    like digital zoom, Anti Shake, etc.

    And lastly when you post some comment make sure than you have gone through the device to make sure what you said is some what nearer to fact


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