Oracle Sues Google (Android)

Oracle Sues Google – Oracle Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. for “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property”, mainly in its Android OS.

Recently, Oracle Corp. had acquired Java from Sun Microsystems in a USD $5.6 billion deal! Oracle is trying to make it evident from this lawsuit that they are going to keep copyright infringements and license agreements in check.

Considering the hype and activity surrounding the Google’s Android OS, Oracle (and Java) risk being hit by a storm of negative criticism.

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  • So whats the update with this news ?
    Google getting some fine or they will handle it the “Google” way …

  • ^ what precisely is the “Google” way ?! =p

  • The “EVIL” Way …

    i wouldn’t have said this few years back

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