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How VPN Protects from Hackers

Trustworthy VPN to Prevent Hacking

These days, hackers are in charge of getting the data of both big and small firms around the world. In the past, there are many cases where people lost their entire hard work and money due to well planned cyber-attacks by these so-called online criminals. At the same time, the usage of VPNs has also emerged. Moreover, people have lots of miss-conceptions in their mind regarding the mechanism of VPN’s to protect their devices. Among them, the major misconception is that a VPN can itself hold the capabilities to protect an entire system from viruses or hackers.

How does a VPN Work ?

Those who are new to the tech word must need to know about Virtual private network (VPN). It’s a software just like others you use on your computer, laptop, or mobile phones. The ultimate task of this software is to secure your cyber existence whenever you transfer data from your private system to an online web server. It could be anything like accessing any blocked website or using an application. As VPN keeps your entire data encrypted, so not only hackers but the law- enforcement departments also aren’t able to access your information.

How a VPN can Protect you?

256-bit encryption is used by majority of VPN system to keep you safe throughout the connection period. This protocol of encryption is famous and well-known to provide a high amount of security against hackers. Due to that, hackers cannot get your financial details, passwords, and any other important information.

Can my Computer get Hacked after using a VPN?

It’s an ongoing debate around the world, and no one could answer it in the right manner. There are a lot of people who say that it’s safe, while others say no. So, the answer lies in the middle. However, it’s harder for any hacker to cyber attack on you when you are directly connected with a trustworthy VPN. At the same time, it can take some more time for the hackers to acquire all your details by following methods to circumvent all security you have set for your protection. Let’s say you are using a VPN; you access a malicious website and download something. Although you are anonymous for the site, it can still help hackers damage your system by acquiring all the data they want and negate the advantages of a VPN.

How VPN Works

That’s the major reason experts don’t recommend anyone to use a free VPN. Many hackers take help of various Free VPN and leverage it as a cobweb for any user. It’s always a good decision to consider a paid or Trustworthy VPN for all your activities.

Why should you Combine VPN and Antivirus?

If you want to protect your system completely, it’s good to combine VPN and Antivirus. The reason behind it is that both software’s contemporary work to provide you perfect privacy, online security, and secure connections. Many devices come with a built-in antivirus, while in others, you have to download it yourself.
The reason for installing antivirus helps you prevent or remove malware files, software’s, and images from your system. Another important reason to install antivirus is that it can help you stay protected against various exploits. Hackers are expert in bypassing security patches so that they can hack your entire system. Therefore, you couldn’t resist the hackers by only using a VPN. As your online data is hidden with the help of a VPN, you have to trust an antivirus that can help you against identifying fake websites, software, and other things. If we sum up the entire debate, both are good for the security of your personal or business information.

Reliable VPN to Prevent Hacking

Nord VPN

In the world of VPN services, there is no trustworthy company other than NORD. Nord VPN is like a shark of the sea, where no-one could harm a it except the mistakes they do on their own. Same is the case with NORD, until or unless you didn’t do anything poorly, you will never find Nord to disappoint you at any stage.
A lot of expert reviews on NordVPN claim that it’s the best in the business when you want a full-stack protected solution for your system. The VPN does provide mobile applications for IOS and Android as well as Desktop applications for macOS and Windows. However, it also provides a manual setup for NAS devices, Wireless routers, and other platforms.

Nord VPN WizCase

With the Remote server’s help, the routing of any user internet traffic is controlled in NORD VPN. Due to that, any user can easily encrypt incoming and outgoing of any data as well as hiding its user IP address. The NORD VPN uses IKEv2/IPsec technologies for its Open VPN in their applications. While the PPTP and L2TP are manually used for the same purpose. Apart from that, there are a lot of other important offerings the tool provides to you. It offers more than 5,000 server locations in the list of 59 countries. So, you never need to worry about the limitation of countries to select when considering this tool. Apart from that, it also offers you 256-Bit encryption during the time you are connected through Nord VPN ensuring your online safety. The best part about this tool is that you can use it for a month with a 100% 30-days money back guarantee.


The data breach cases are increasing with time. Hundreds of people lose billions of dollars due to cyber attacks executed on their business financial data. Due to this, the use of a VPN seems like a mandatory option in todays era. Some people consider it as a full-stack solution, while others don’t. However, its benefits depend upon the intensity of the cyber attacks. At the same time, free VPNs are highly not recommended to use for the sake of security. It’s the major tactic hackers make to hack your entire data. Therefore, Trustworthy or paid VPNs are the best solution for you. When it comes to Best VPN, expert opinion is unanimous on Nord VPN claims that it’s the best option.

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