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Twitter New Emoji to Show Gratitude

After Facebook’s new care and heart emojis, Twitter also released hashtag-triggered emoji for being #Grateful and #Thankful. The emoji also works in languages other then English.

Twitter gets a new emoji for gratitude to express appreciations to others for their support and help on the micro-blogging site. The emoji provides users a more positive environment during these days as other social networking sites are doing the same.

The new emoji appears with gratitude hashtags such as #Thanks, #Thankful, #gratitude, #Grateful, #Gracias, #Merci and some other tags. It also works in other languages such as French, Spanish and a few more. The gratitude emoji appears with a heart signal with hand as you can see in the image below or in this tweet.

Twitter Gratitude Emojis Hashtag

Twitter said in a tweet that,

Who do we see people expressing that gratitude for? The most common word is “everyone”. Everyone who is an essential worker. Everyone who has helped. Everyone in healthcare. Everyone who has reached out. Everyone.

The company also tweeted,

Since March 15, there have been over 250 million Tweets worldwide expressing gratitude and thanks — a 26% increase from February’s average.

Twitter Graph showing usage of Gratitude and Thanks
Gratitude and thanks trend on twitter

On World Health Day, Twitter also gave healthcare staff a token of appreciation by tweeting “clap”, A tweet filled with Clap emojis.

The pray and clap emojis also experienced gains of 50% and 10% respectively during the same time.

Twitter users were thankful, based on their tweets to the following

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health workers
  • Grocery delivery workers
  • Sanitation and maintenance workers


The Twitter new hashtag emoji gives you a way to show your gratitude that appears with #thankful #grateful and other gratitude hashtags. Companies are embracing with the hard time which users are facing due to ongoing pandemic resulting in self isolation which can be hard at times and have a great impact on the mental health. It is nice to see social media giants doing their part with even the little effort they have to put in.

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