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  • Two things: 1st, the so called “Freedom” app is also a virus. There have been many reports of people’s Google Accounts being hacked and the associated credit cards being used. S
    2nd, despite this, the Freedom app DOES actually work for some people, but only those in the middle east and/or Russia. It does not work in Europe or USA because of the differences in the ways credit card purchases are managed.

  • I was about to write a blog post on temple run two with Freedom, but let me reply here first.
    1. I have checked Freedom App packets which it sends in and out and i didn’t detect anything “notorious” which makes it “Clean” from Being a Virus, although Freedom App has no affiliations with me so they might have obfuscated it pretty well. the “Credit Cards Being” Used i read one such person posting on the forum somewhere and he gave no proof whats so ever and talked in vague terms. I couldn’t check for any credit card fraud because i don’t have one associated
    2. Initially it worked for everyone but now few minor local settings need to be tweaked which i plan covering in my next blog post

  • The freedom payment method does not work anymore (please check again later) so please update your method.

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