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Gold Rush Giveaway:Win a brand new Oneplus 5

Ever wonder what it feels like to get a brand new OnePlus 5 without spending hundreds of dollars! Android authority today, brings you an exciting chance to win one in their weekly International giveaway.

Are Online Giveaways really Genuine

You might think of such Giveaways to be scam,and yes many of them are fake but not all .The legit giveaways are sponsored by several companies for promotional purposes which help their own business. If you are seeing ads, lots of blinking and super flashy things on the site, don’t fall for it, otherwise you may indeed win the prize but you will surely end up spending 2X cost of the prize in credit card charges and other issues.


UPDATE: Give away is no more !!!! Watch out for future giveaways

The word Giveaway sounds attractive and may drive people even more crazy if it’s giving away”One Plus 5″- the best Android phone to date. Oneplus has earned great reputation in its short history by designing impressive phones at very reasonable prices. Unlike its predecessors, the latest “Oneplus 5” is the most expensive one (under 550$) but it is completely worth the price tag as the phone is packed with the great spec sheet including all those features that really contribute to the phone’s appeal and is still cheaper than other flagships in the market.
At under $550, Oneplus 5 is a Fantastic deal and here you’ve got a chance to win it for free through the most credible platform of Android authority so don’t hesitate to enter the giveaway,click here and join the Gold rush (almost) instantly.[/sociallocker]

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