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Facebook Messenger Enables Animated Special Effect

Messenger is Facebook’s mobile messaging application for its users through which they can text, share pictures, videos, call each other and communicate. Facebook regularly brings updates that give users new fun things that keep them entertained like if you send a Heart Emoji, then both the sender and receiver will see tons of hearts rising from the bottom. In a recent update, you can choose to add special effects to your text messages. Facebook has been pushing these updates since long, last update allowed us to use Custom Reacts and Heart and Care reacts were the first customization which was allowed. Facebook Avatars was the first which allowed customizations on Facebook platform which was not just restricted to Messenger

New Animated Effects in Facebook Messenger

Currently, there are four special effects:

  • Love effect
  • Fire effect
  • Celebration effect
  • Gift Wrap effect
Animated Facebook messenger Effects

All these effects aren’t just static pictures, but a full-fledge animation which plays when you view/send or interact with them. You can demo all the effects by viewing the above gif file. These effects currently do not work on web version of Facebook and a message which has been sent through these animated effects is received by a web Facebook user will see a message next to the sent text while opening the chat inside will only show the sent text but still no animation as of now.

Animated Text Effects Facebook Web Messenger

Facebook Animated Effects Explained

Love Effect : The love effect displays a bunch of hearts around your text which are slightly moving, and if you click on the text, these hearts will rise to the top of the chat and then emerge from the bottom of the text again.
Fire Effect : The fire effect will show moving fire, and when clicked, a third fire will appear in the middle of the text. 
Celebration Effect : The Celebration effect will pop like confetti, and when you are not interacting with it, you will see small confetti pieces falling behind your text. 
Gift Wrap Effect : The Gift Wrap effect wraps your text in a gift box, and when you click on the wrapping, it will open to reveal the message.

Animated Facebook Messenger Effects

How To Add Special Effects in Facebook Messenger

Adding special effects to your texts is pretty straight forward, here is how you can use these effects in your messages:

  1. Update the messenger application ( or above).
  2. Select the person you want to send a message.
  3. Type in something.
  4. A search option should appear in place of the emoji, click on it.
  5. You should see the EFFECTS tab, select it if it is not open by default.
  6. Now select your favourite effect!

These are the simple steps you need to follow, which enable you to add special effects to your messages. There are only four effects as of now, and soon new will be added. But the ones currently available are really fun to use. Enjoy using these special effects in Facebook Messenger.

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