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Utopia Ecosystem – Uses, Features and Future

Ashton Addison interviews Dr – Hack from Utopia, the decentralized ecosystem. Where it is discussed how Utopia protects the privacy of its users for messaging, storage and more. The founders of Utopia are technology enthusiasts who can no longer stand by watching the freedoms of society be taken away, and vow for the protection of Human Rights with regards to privacy of communication and self-expression. Dr-Hack also speaks on Crypton, CRP, the native currency of the platform and the UAM Utopia Alternative Miner.

What exactly is the Utopia platform vision and purpose?

Before I explain the vision and purpose of utopia, I will need to explain utopia and i will do it in a one liner,

Utopia  is an all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted e-mail communication, anonymous payments and private web browsing.

Utopia has a very straight forward vision and that is the protection of basic human rights in regards to the privacy of communication and the freedom of self-expression. It’s a platform which is self-regulating and ensures online privacy and freedom.

It has many Purposes: Utopia is not just an application rather an “Ecosystem” and the reason why it’s called an ecosystem is due to its ability to provide a set of tools and features which enable its users to perform all their online activities without having to leave the platform.

Utopia Sticker Collection
Utopia comes with personalized sticker collection

From chatting with users to setting up channels based on your interest and requirement to using its integral true privacy coin known as “Crypton”. Crypton can be used to make and receive payments and the purpose of integrating it right into the platform is to enable users to stay anonymous, because they will not have to leave the platform for any of their tasks.

Selected individuals and companies make billions of dollars from our data. But with whose consent? have you ever wondered that there is not even a single online social media platform which gives us an option that I can pay a monthly fee and it won’t show any targeted ads and won’t use our user preferences for their own gains. it seems weird but if you think about it but that’s what companies do, they need our interests to make money out of it.

How does the Utopia decentralized network work?

Governments, in partnership with the world’s largest IT corporations, have the goal of complete information supremacy over the world. To achieve their goals governments have been ready to take every unlawful and unethical step necessary to intercept and analyse every single bit of data that is sent over any network.

Utopia works in a fashion so that the same control can be given back to the users. Utopia is a decentralized peer to peer platform with no central server which is regulating or monitoring its users. Utopia uses its mining based on Proof of Memory and Proof of Routing to provide stability to the network and as the number of mining nodes increase the stability increases along with it.

How does Utopia protect users Privacy? 

Being a closed source platform users had some reservation in the beta testing days that how can we trust a platform, there are many ways to test and ensure that there is no malicious activity happening behind the scenes apart from the fact that team has already mentioned that they will perform an independent 3rd party code audit. One can run Utopia in a sandbox environment and can see that there are no file drops and even monitor the network session to ensure that there are no persistent connections with same servers.

One user ran Utopia in a LAN environment and being a decentralized platform, the chat features even worked inside the LAN environment, although as it would not connect with any mining nodes the Transactional functions won’t work but it is a good way to ensure that the platform is legit.

What makes Utopia unique and different from other security conscious platforms?

There are various platforms on the internet which give you limited privacy. The issue with all those platforms is that the user always has to leave that particular platform and jump to another to avail the same level of privacy to perform another task because there is no such platform which can be labelled as an Ecosystem like Utopia.

ToR allows you browse websites with anonymity but we all know how some famous online stores were shut down by using an exploit in the browser extension and compromised exit tor nodes is known by all. Monero being a private coin has seen cases where users have been traced as all users have to use atleast one or more service from the Clearnet.

Utopia solves this issue by providing each and every feature under one application. Either you want to chat, send or receive a payment. You can do that without being worried about exposing yourself. A whistle-blower can very easily send documents to a journalist inside Utopia and can be tipped by that journalist with the integral Cryptocurrency Crypton without having to leave the platform at any point.

Apart from all the factors I just mentioned another reason, What makes Utopia’s Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem unique as a platform for security and privacy minded individuals is that even the most novice of users can achieve the highest grade of security and privacy for a variety of functions that others would require very advanced levels of competencies to achieve through their fragmented software and services.

Utopia leverages encryption for communication. How exactly does the security portion work?

All account data of Utopia is stored on Utopia user’s local device in encrypted file using 256-bit AES encryption, it is known as a container and one cannot login without the encrypted container giving added protection to the user data thus ensuring privacy. The many features of Utopia including instant messaging, encrypted e-mail, file sharing, group chats and channels, gaming, website hosting, and digital currency are all protected by Curve25519 elliptic curve cryptography which offers 128 security bits and is one of the fastest ECC curves and more resistant to the weak number random generator. This makes it next to impossible for any sort of invasive attacks including Man in the Middle Attack (MITM) on the network or its users.

Are there any restrictions to using the network?

Being a decentralized platform applying restrictions is out of scope and technically not possible. Channel creators can have their rules and manually enforce them but that is their own domain and they can moderate however they see fit.

How will you incentivize user adoption, to help grow Utopia?

2 primary avenues; 1) community and 2) commercial.

1) Due to The private and secure nature of the ecosystem, free of censorship and surveillance, is attracting flourishing communities from around the world. These communities will naturally grow over time as they find benefit in the numerous functions of Utopia.

2) As Utopia attracts talented developers and business development, commercial opportunities will expand, leading to a virtuous cycle of users and builders.

What major milestones is the team working towards for 2021?

Generally with projects related to crypto the road maps extend over years, Unlike other projects, Utopia delivered a fully functional project, minor kinks were ironed out in the 4 month beta period and now after over 1 year since its launch Utopia is very stable yet team pushes minor updates to add features and further improve the experience.

There are 4 major milestones the team has their sight on : Mobile Based Utopia App , 3rd Party Code Audit, Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized Storage.

Implementing a mobile based client is not an easy task in a decentralized p2p system but it will greatly increase user adoption. Utopia already comes with a fully functional API where any user can implement most of Utopia functions in custom applications and services.

Through DEX (decentralized exchange) reliance on external crypto exchanges will be minimized, while the same DEX can be implemented by current users through the provided API.

Decentralized storage is another much asked feature, currently it is possible to introduce that through the built in Packet forwarding feature but team has plans to eventually introduce file storage capability as the network matures.

What will be one of the key factors to the long term success of a Decentralized ecosystem like Utopia?

Maintaining the confidence of the community with respect to privacy and security promises of the ecosystem will be an essential factor to the long term success of the decentralized ecosystem of Utopia.

As security professionals continue to analyze and probe the Utopia software and confirm its outstanding performance that confidence will continue to build over time.

As I mentioned earlier that Utopia is the go-to platform for all things ‘private and secure’ this feature will be the key factor of the long term success of Utopia. Every time a user jumps from one privacy conscious platform to another they have to go through Clearnet which is plagued with censorship and monitoring, this makes the use of other applications useless and Utopia eradicates these problems in a perfect manner.

Thanks for your time Dr-Hack, how can viewers learn more about Utopia?

Glad you asked, to fully understand the true potential of Utopia I would urge all your viewers including you to log on to Utopia Ecosystem, everyone can visit the official Utopia website at, I am sure people will be surprised by such a short domain but that’s what Utopia is, something unique.

By the way I took the liberty of registering uNS of and which act as Non fungible tokens (NFTs), as the registered uNS will forever be owned by the user who buys it first. Whenever you join I would love to transfer those uNS to you, just let me know.

How CRP will perform in crypto market

The future of CRP is extremely bright because of the unique place it has in the powerful Utopia ecosystem.

One block of Crypton is mined after every 15 minutes and has an adjustable reward based on number of miners which caters for supply and demand and the fact that there are no premined coins nor there were any ICO etc during launch makes the market price organic and as Cryptons are burnt through registering uNS, sending Cryptons and various other functions which makes Crypton a very viable investment especially at this stage.

Crypton is already listed on few exchanges and discussions with exchanges which have a name in the industry are also underway which will further give a boost to the cryptocurrency.

One aspect I would like to highlight again is the fact that Crypton is a fully functional project, one doesn’t buy Crypton with hopes that it may do something in coming years, rather it is functional and does what it is supposed to do which makes it stand out.

What is expected price hike of CRP in near future?

As with all markets, the near term is difficult to judge and depends on a number of factors. Crypton (CRP) is anticipated to continue building slow and steady momentum over time as communities continue to grow and genuine demand grows with them.

As more users understand the importance and relevance which utopia can play in each person life the usage will result in a price hike. In the crypto world 1 year of release is like a new born and there has been a 40% increase in the price of Crypton in the last 30 days.

However it is too early to commit anything but it won’t take much time before 1 CRP is traded at $1 and once that barrier is crossed who knows where it goes from there.

How is the response of the people towards CRP?

Users have responded very positively towards CRP, especially those who have had the pleasure of using it and seeing how private and immediate transfers are. Early on new users who mined Crypton would ask how they could exchange it for USDT, but more recently users have been declaring their intent never to sell it and watch it grow to many times its current price in the future.

People are beginning to recognize the long term value and many are comparing themselves to early Bitcoin investors and adopters.

The concept is unique and users find it the same way. Users like the fact that they are on a platform which is free from any prying eyes and Crypton being the integral part of the ecosystem is liked for the same reasons.

Great can you tell me little bit about UAM?

Utopia Alternate Miner or UAM is built from scratch with the goal of Peer-to-Peer network optimization and comes with several advantages like Speed, Stability and Performance. As Utopia stability is dependent on the mining nodes, UAM increases the proficiency of the network manifolds.


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