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[Giveaway] ExpressVPN and HP – Powerful Hardware and Robust VPN

Cyber threats are becoming the order of the day regardless of the industry you specialise in. The first step towards keeping yourself secure and ahead is by knowing the problem. Violation of privacy and data breaches happen daily in various forms either with authorities monitoring their citizens frequently through the internet or hackers trying to gain access on random users. At the end of this article you will also find a giveaway of 1 year free subscription for ExpressVPN, and I will be giving out not 1 or 2 but 3 free subscriptions.

Cambridge Analytica, for example, procured access to private and sensitive data of more than 50 million Facebook users. The information was used to influence the American presidential elections in 2016. Often, private information isn’t used in moral ways. To protect your information online, you will need to adopt a virtual private network

Combined Power of HP and ExpressVPN

As VPNs have become essential, ExpressVPN and HP have teamed up to keep computer users private and secure online. For starters, the newly released HP Spectre X360 13 laptop will feature the unified ExpressVPN experience. Customers purchasing the laptop will enjoy a guaranteed ExpressVPN free trial.

This will allow you easy access to all ExpressVPN features for multiple gadgets such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, macOS, and iOS. This means that users will have a wide range of gadgets to choose from depending on their preferences and budget. When your free ExpressVPN trial comes to an end, users will be able to continue enjoying the service after paying. They can do so by making monthly or annual subscriptions.

The monthly ExpressVPN subscription will cost you $12.97 while annual plans are way cheaper at $6.67 each month. The good thing about choosing the annual subscription option is that: you will get an additional three months free of charge. ExpressVPN is the leading name in the VPN industry and a free trial allows you to experience the full potential of this software before you plan on buying it.

Where to Find ExpressVPN on HP 

The ExpressVPN app will be pinned on various convenient locations such as the laptop’s taskbar. Other possible locations will be window specific icons such as Microsoft Edge and Explorer to give the application absolute visibility. What’s more, when HP computer users will try to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks will get a cue to secure their connection with ExpressVPN. Unsecured WiFi Networks are always bad and dangerous

ExpressVPN – Proven and Tested 

ExpressVPN was founded in 2009. Today, the VPN provider serves its customers from over 3,000 VPN servers situated in more than 94 countries worldwide. ExpressVPN encrypts a user’s internet traffic while concealing their IP address with shatterproof cipher AES-256. 

While browsing the internet using ExpressVPN, you can be sure that no one can eavesdrop on your online activities. With a single click, you will be protected. Further, one ExpressVPN subscription will keep all your Windows and Android gadgets protected with easy to utilize apps. 

 ExpressVPN TrustedServer Technology 

ExpressVPN remains the most advanced VPN server technology across the world. The provider’s TrustedServer technology can erase all the data with each server reboot. The VPN only operates on RAM and doesn’t allow a user’s data to be written on hard drives. 

When the server is restarted, the whole software stack in reinstalled once again. With ExpressVPN users can know what’s running on each server without variability. This new security standard is audited independently to guarantee ultimate privacy.  

Features of HP Spectre x360 13  

HP Laptop Keyboard with Free VPN
HP is one of the leading name in Laptop manufacturing

The HP Spectre x360 13 is a portable yet powerful gadget. The model promises users convenience with its 22.5 hours battery life. This is the most extensive battery life ever achieved in a convertible quad-core. It comes with a maximum of 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage, and extra LTE support. 

This gadget’s USB-C port is angled on its edge and the gadget offers improved cable management. Spectre’s design has not changed a lot from the former model. However, the new HP Spectre’s bezels are slightly shrunken in all directions. You can opt to use the 4K or FHD panel display. The best feature ? It comes with Express VPN trial preinstalled for you to test keeping your internet usage safe and secure.

ExpressVPN Free Giveaway [3 Prizes]

Hackology is pleased to announce another ExpressVPN Giveaway. This giveaway has 3 x ExpressVPN subscriptions for 1 year each. Enter the Giveaway contest and participate to get many entries, each entry will increase your chances of winning a Free 1 Year Subscription of ExpressVPN. We will have 3 winners when this giveaway concludes and all three winners will be given a paid subscription of ExpressVPN for the next 12 months totally free of cost. Thanks to the guys at ExpressVPN for making this Giveaway possible.

Enter ExpressVPN Giveaway

ExpressVPN Giveaway Winners

Giveaway ended and we have 3 winners, drawn from the competition. I will be listing the names of the winners, and will also send out an email to them. Better Luck Next and Congratulations to the Winners !!!!

Winners of 3 x ExpressVPN 1 year paid subscription giveaway :

  • Hania B
  • Abdullah K
  • Peter M

If you are a winner contact me through the contact form given on website. Some smarty pants, used the options to gain points and then deleted the entry or used disposable accounts which were either limited or deleted at the time of drawing winners, such accounts do not qualify at the end

Final Words 

After an extensive period of work from ExpressVPN and HP teams, the massive tech companies have struck a software deal. The companies aim at helping users to enjoy privacy and security as they navigate through the internet. At the moment, the service is only available for the new HP Spectre laptop. ExpressVPN and HP, however, plan to incorporate other models in the deal to ensure that all internet users browse privately.


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