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Hack in the Park – WiFi Hacking made simple

Written by Dr-Hack

You are at a threat if you ever travel with your WiFi switched “ON” , Stealing data off your device is as simple as standing next to you, Watch this Live Attack Video and read how you can protect yourself.Internet of Things (IoT) is fascinating but brings alot of security and privacy challenges.

66% don’t know or aren’t sure how many connected devices their colleagues bring into work. It show how important IoT security really is.

Live Cyber Attack Demonstration – EvilAP


Biggest Changes in 2016

  • 44% responded that they care more about device threats than traditional network security—up 16% from 2016.
  • Respondents with a BYOD policy in place is actually down 8%—(63% last year vs. 55% now).
  • The number of respondents that have a budget or plan to have a budget for IoT security is up 11%, but budgets for IoT remain low compared with other categories and are much lower than the fear IT security professionals shared about IoT security.

How to Prevent Evil Twin WiFi Attacks

Pwnie Express blessed us with the annual report: Internet of Evil Things, giving us insight to the security concerns of IT experts and end users. The analysis report (Download Link given Below) and Hacking experience of many years have allowed me to compile a quick list which will keep you and your business IT department Secure and Safe.

You will be safe if you follow the tips mentioned above , if you have any more share below.

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Owner and founder of Hackology Internet Security Portal and BlackAngel. These days teach hacking so others can stay safe. Apart from hacking, a Movie Fanatic.Also run a tech Blog, small projects like encrypted paste etc and various PoC and research articles

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