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Facebook Graph API v2.2 Expiring – Upgrade your App

I had many Facebook Apps which were using Graph API v2.2. Facebook has set 27th March 2017 as the end date for Graph API v2.2 which had a life span of 2 years , you will be affected if you created any of your Facebook Apps before 24th March 2015.

Facebook has must have emailed you about the change and to make sure a smooth transition you will need to migrate all calls to Graph API v2.3 or higher.

Facebook Developer Email
Facebook Developer Email to notify of any Apps using Old Graph API

To reduce the chances for Developers to miss out on their email Facebook will also notify you in your Facebook Notifications that you need to upgrade and fix Graph API Calls (if required), although if you have 10 apps they will notify you about 1 App in your notifications

Graph API – Version Schedules

Each version is guaranteed to work for at least two years. A version will no longer be usable two years after the date that the next version is released.

So if API version v2.3 is released on March 25th, 2015 and API version v2.4 is released August 7th, 2015 then v2.3 would expire on August 7th, 2017, two years after the release of v2.4.

For APIs, once a version is no longer usable, any calls made to it will be defaulted to the next oldest usable version. Here’s a timeline example:

For SDKs, a version will always remain available as it is a downloadable package, however beyond it’s end-of-life date, it may rely upon APIs or methods which no longer work, so you should assume an end-of-life SDK is no longer functional.

Graph API v.2.3 Changelog

The most noticeable changes are

  • Page Plugin – Is the new name for Like Box Social Plugin and it has a new design.
  • Comments Plugins Has a new design and it now supports Comment Mirroring (private beta).
  • Requests are now GameRequests – Previously this term and object-type created confusion for non-game app developers, and the intended usage of these objects are to invite others to a game Non-game apps should use App Invites. The /v2.3/{user-id}/apprequests edge is now limited to game apps. See Games, Requests.
  • – Is the new name for read_friendlists Login permission. This is to clarify that the permission grants access to a person’s custom friendlists, not the full list of that person’s friends.

Facebook Developer API Upgrade Tool

The API Upgrade Tool shows which of your app’s API calls may be affected by changes in newer versions of the API. You’ll be able to quickly see which changes you need to make to upgrade from your current version to a newer version. Its a good place to quickly see which calls you will need to makes amends too , Check out the Upgrade Tool

  • The process is fairly simple , Just open the Upgrade Tool
  • Select your App from “Search the App”
  • After selecting the Facebook it will reload the page and show your current Graph API version under “Upgrade from” and the latest released version by Facebook under “Upgrade to”
  • It will automatically do the upgrade and any issues will be shown below

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