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WhatsApp Status : A Privacy Nightmare

I have discussed how to unlock hidden WhatsApp Features including the “Status” feature for a month now but as it was a privileged trick so the concerns were not highlighted , but now people are worried and are asking as its rolling out to normal users after the short Beta period.I will discuss the following in this post :

WhatsApp Privacy Disaster in shape of a “SnapChat Clone”
What WhatsApp can do to fix the Privacy Issue 
How to protect your Privacy and Use Status Feature
Is WhatsApp Status for Online Businesses,Promoters & Celebrities

WhatsApp Status – SnapChat copy gone BAD

In SnapChat he have “usernames” , we add people whom we want to add and that’s IT. before following or adding someone, we have ample of time to think “Do we want this person to see my snap stories ? ” if the answer is Yes , we go ahead with adding.

WhatsApp was built on a different mechanism, it is meant to be a chatting app.Anyone in our “Contact List” gets to see my WhatsApp presence. With recent privacy addition for last seen,display picture and old status people could select between nobody,contacts and everyone . It wasn’t big of a privacy issue with random people added in your mobile contact prying at your display picture. But things have changed with the recent Launch.

WhatsApp Status allows us to share Pictures & Videos as a status and it can be visible to “My Contacts” , “My Contacts except…” & “Only share with”. Your cell number which you use is generally connected with WhatsApp and at times we add people in our contacts list but that doesn’t mean we also want them to see our WhatsApp status or for that matter chat with them on WhatsApp

How to Fix WhatsApp Status Privacy Issue

WhatsApp Contact Groups : To properly address this Issue WhatsApp needs to launch a grouping system for contacts , so that we can add all our Family Contacts in one group, friends in another and so on. I am sure WhatsApp will launch this very soon or close down the status feature.

Individual User Privacy Protection Techniques : Until WhatsApp doesn’t come up with a better privacy standard for Status Feature, users will need to make do with these 4 tricks that i came up with:

  • Avoid using WhatsApp Status , as strange as it may seem this is the right thing to do if you are interested in saving your Privacy .
  • Use a secondary number on WhatsApp which is not your daily use number on the cellular network. I follow the same method, The number I use in my routine is not even on WhatsApp. It saves me from all the unwanted WhatsApp Messages.
  • Go to Status > Status Privacy > “My Contacts except” . Select all the contacts you don’t want to see your Status. It can be a time-consuming task but very important,select all contacts with whom you are 100% sure that you would never need them to see your WhatsApp Status.
  • Go to Status > Status Privacy > “Only Share with…” . This option is almost same like above but it will come in handy if your list of people to see your Status is less, it will save you time and select the contacts with whom you want to share your Statuses



WhatsApp Status for Online Business, Promoters and Celebrities

Unfortunately no one should be mistaken by lousy Privacy options of WhatsApp and think that WhatsApp Status can be used by Promoters , Celebrities and Internet Celebrities just like SnapChat and Instagram as WhatsApp has no “Status Privacy” Option as “Everyone“.

If you found a better way let us know in comments below. You can still unlock features not available to others or for more help Ask Techie!

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