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Growing your Online Business with Instagram | Get More Followers

Instagram is a not only one of the largest social media app with millions of active users but also a fastest growing marketplace, people are selling their merchandise and getting more ROI than ever before.

Using my tips you will be able to achieve what I got : 2000 Followers just in 4 days with product profit of $50 with investment of only $10. I would explain in-depth and start with How one can start his / her Online Career with Instagram and grow it like a Pro, I will cover the following topics in this post :

  • Beginning with Instagram for a PRO Account
  • Digging Into Instagram to start turning followers into Cash
  • Strategy of getting Followers what will buy your Instagram Products
  • A Secret Ninja Tip to get High Quality Images for Free
  • Best Hashtag posting techniques

As we know, Instagram is a mobile app and we need to install it to access, very basic thing. 🙂
Moving forward, How to set our goal and aim to reach more people? no rocket science, in order to reach more people, you’ll have to get more followers. Now the real question arises here, How to get more followers? Let’s start step by step and talk about everything we need to know before getting into this great network of your potential buyers. 😉

Beginning with Instagram:

Before starting any business or any career, we set our goals and some milestones to achieve and chase our dreams! Exactly the same way, we set some goals and milestones to get success with Instagram. We need to clear the image in our minds of reaching people and getting engagements on posts, & yeah, we need to understand What people like and how Instagram algorithm works.

Things we need to know before getting started:

  1. Your potential buyers are in a niche (market) and you’ve to find out that place.
  2. Your name, content, and BRANDING matters a lot.
  3. You’ve to set a strategy and follow that strategy every day. every time.
  4. Hashtags and related accounts plays a great role.

Digging into Instagram:

First thing first, let’s talk about your niche or market, In order to find your niche, you need to ask a question to yourself, What you want to sell in future? How Instagram can help you financially? Everybody has a mindset, for example, If I’ve planned to sell Dog Products in future, what I’ll do is think of a common, creative and good name of my account, build an account on that name, and write a strategy to continue my work and getting successful with it.

Okay,  I think you got the idea of finding a niche and creating an account on it,  remember one thing,  no one is gonna like and follow you until you provide them some quality some value,  what is the value for the users on Instagram?  Obviously it is your images,  their quality,  message and branding.

Strategy of Getting Followers:

To get Instagram followers, you’ll have to post quality content which people would love and follow you to get more updates from you,  People damn care about irrelevant posts and spam, they do love quality, one pattern and activeness. What is one pattern? It is, if your page is about Dogs then you’ll only have to post dog pictures, nobody is going to like your chocolate posts.

Provide them what they followed you for.

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