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Ninja Tip to Get High Quality Images

I personally know a way which is nowhere online, that’s pretty easy and FREE.You all must be knowing that images which are copied and used gives a bad impression about your product. Why not to use Copy Free Images ?. The only way to get such high quality images which your followers won’t find anywhere on internet is shared below. What is that way? To get the secret tip, Share this post using the button below and unlock the hidden Ninja TIP!


Hey, Thanks for sharing the post, Now let’s talk about the Ninja Tip.
What all I do is:
Login your Facebook account and Click “Create an Advert

Now in the next window, Click the Objective, Conversions:

After Clicking conversions, Move to Advert > Format > Single Image > Stock Images


After clicking Free Stock Images, This Window will open, and You’ll have to put keyword and it will come up with an image. You can get 6 images per round.

Now next thing is, How to Download these images? little technical, Right Click on Image > Inspect.

After clicking inspect, Expend <div>…</div>

After expending, Look at the image closely and select only the part which is highlighted.

Copy it and paste in new tab, It will give you High Quality Image. 🙂



Posting and hashtags:

When you got some high quality images, you’ll have to find random hashtags related to your niche, Instagram allows 30 hashtags and you’ll have to find 15 popular and 15 normal hashtags,  hashtag plays a vital role in reaching more people.

Hide Hashtags TIP:

There is a secret tip I personally use to hide hashtags in brackets, this will help your account look real and won’t be considered as SPAM.

To do this: You’ll have to write hashtags and before hashtags put  dots (.)

#hackology #drhack #instagramhacks #instagramtips #getmorefollowers and so on…

This will help your account look clean.

Get Followers:

Hashtags and your competitors are great to get more followers, you’ll have to find popular accounts in your niche, popular hashtags and then follow the people who recently posted in hashtags and commented on recent posts of your competitors. This way, they will find your account, look at your account, love your content and will follow you, repeat the process and reach your goal.

Wrapping Up:

These were the techniques I’ve been following and doing for my own businesses which are proving to be very successful, follow the exact blue print and that’s the way to go.

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