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Google 3D AR is Live in your Room

At Google I/O, they had a cute — and terrifying — demo where an AR 3D shark was placed right on the stage with the actual audience at its’ back. It didn’t take much; a simple search for the word “shark,” a couple of taps, and the spine-chilling animal was just there swinging left to right, grinning with his clean white teeth on show. You can have that same experience now as the feature is going live for everyone.

Update 2 [March 2020] : Google Knowledge Graph is appearing in google search. Which means that you can follow this article and view all the Google 3D ARCore augmented reality animals.

Update 1 [August 2019] : I noticed few hours back that Google Knowledge Graph is not appearing in google search anymore. I do not know since when it is happening or what is the reason. Do let us know if you know the reason that Why Google 3D ARCore is not working for the 3D Augmented Reality Animals. Searching cat,shark,dog etc will not show the 3D Animal anymore.

How to view Google 3D Augmented Reality Animals

It is as simple as they showed us during the I/O,
Do a Google search for “shark” and scroll down to get to the Knowledge Graph card. You’ll see a card that says View in 3D button.

Tapping the button loads the shark in 3D and you can spin it around and change its size, but what you really want is the View in your space option. This loads a permission screen, then uses ARCore to let you place the shark right in front of you. On my OnePlus 6 with Android P,I couldn’t get to load the Giant Panda, but all other 3D Animals worked all fine. 3D AR animals work from Google App or while using google search site from Chrome.

Google Search Shark 3D AR
Google Search Shark 3D AR

Google Searches with 3D AR Enabled

Google search has enabled 3D Augmented Reality for the following searches :

  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bear
  • Leopard
  • Wolf
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Deer
  • Turtle
  • Panda
  • Cheetah
  • Eagle
  • Let me know if you find more animals of the 3D Kingdom

Not all animals are supported though; For rhino, hippo, whale, elephant, dolphin, panther, giraffe nothing came.

Google 3D AR Interactivity

After you launch ARCore and the 3D Object you can even interact with it. You can use one finger to move the animal in space, and two to make it bigger or smaller or even spin it around. The best part is that you can physically move around it to check different sides, and wait for it to make some noises and signature movements. There were many VR apps but none provided this feature were one could actually move around the object.

Google 3D Augment Reality Panda Dog Turtle
Google 3D AR Animals can have a change of shape and size and one can physically walk around the same

How to make 3D AR Objects like Google Search

Google is using ARCore for deploying their Augmented Reality models. Users can also use the same technology to deploy their 3D Ar/VR Objects. Google Poly allows users to upload their 3D models for sharing and a rich user documentation to get you started.

Google 3D AR Objects not Working

If for some reason Google 3D AR is not working on your phone, which might be because of older smartphone or lack of support of ARCore by your smartphone manufacturer. You can try the following steps to enable Google 3D view on your smartphone:


  • Non-Rooted : If your device is not rooted you may simply download the latest version of ARCore and if that doesn’t work you may install an older version. Get ARCore app from Here
  • Rooted : If you have a rooted device, you can try the above mentioned step. If that doesn’t work try to sideload this modded App of ARCore. Get Modded ARCore app from Here


Google 3D Augmented Reality Video Demo

Check out the video demo sent by Rabimba showing how you can see 3D AR by opening the Google Search and deploying the 3D animal on the live view.

What do you think about the 3D AR objects which come in Google search ? have you spotted an animal which wasn’t shared in this article?. If you have made some interesting video of some 3D AR animal do share with us in the comments below


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