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Google Suggestions are what People Search !

Well Google search engine suggest only what people search. By no way these are my views blame the laughter on me but the anger let it go on to Google please :).

Now for example George Bush was U.S President for quite some time right ?… but the only thing people search with his name is :

googlebush.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Bush is remembered and search more with the “Shoe” Context ..

Now lets don’t make this assumption that the majority of the internet users (which means same if we say Google users) are the uneducated one’s who just like to have some fun …

For Example Bill Gates suggestions don’t show us anything like this

googlebillgates.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

This way we know that its some reality in the suggestion right ? well not always 😉

Let see what google suggests about Zardari

googlezardari.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Yup he is Loved by everyone 🙂

Lets check out suggestions for the Countries ….

America comes first as per Alpha Order…

Why are Americans…

googleamericans.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Didn’t know they were afraid of Dragons 😀

Why are British ……

googlebritish.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Now people have some serious complains from them … “Why are British TV seasons so short” 😛

Why are French ….

Believe it or not French people get appreciated

googlefrench.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

now you didn’t expect that there wont be anything wrong did you :p

Why are Indians …
I dont write anything don’t want to get flamed :mrgreen:

googleindians.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

aah great …was taking the screenshot and msn alert came in, too lazy to do it again 😛

Why are Pakistanis …
Well i had to add this, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise with my neighbor country   😉  …

googlepakistan.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Remember when i said that sometimes Google Suggestions are not true ? … thats the Case above which i referred to 😀

Let see some General Google Suggestions ….

Lawyers are …

googlelawyers.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Google thinks that not me 🙂

Doctors are …

googledoctors.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Anyone is spared or not ?

My Husband is …
let see what generally the wifes search about there husband thats why Google is suggesting it 🙂

googlehusband.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

Not even a single good remark … thats bad Ladies they cant be all that Bad.

My Wife is …

Let see how and what the husbands think about

googlewife.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

they got  praised…

That will be all for now .. i think there are millions of such funny Suggestions … Tell us what funny combination you found out …


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