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How to bypass Twitter 140 character tweet limit

Twitter is testing a possibility to allow 280 characters in a tweet, but for now 280 character tweet feature is just a test, allowing only a limited number of users the chance to tweet with more than the standard 140 characters.
However, this Hack will allow you to do 280 characters tweet on twitter and its requires just few clicks, its a good hack allowing us to bypass the 140 character limit set by Twitter. See my below tweet of 280 Characters


Tutorial – 280 Character Tweet for Window Users

There are various methods by which you can hack / bypass the twitter 140 character limit but I will share the most easy and simple method :-


  1. Install Google Chrome Extension : TamperMonkey
  2. Once TamperMonkey extension is added to chrome , click on this Twitter Hack JavaScript (Pr0f9)
  3. Clicking the above mentioned Javascript will pop up a new tab on your chrome with TamperMonkey asking you to install the script, click “Install
  4. Open or if its already open just refresh the window and you will see the 140 character count will be stuck while you will be able to make a tweet of 280 characters.
  5. Enjoy


Tutorial – 280 character Tweet for Linux Users

Linux users will have to do bit more of clicking as the method shared above for windows users is far more simpler. If on Linux you can also follow this hack to bypass the 140 character tweet limit and make 280 character tweets, just follow these steps :-

  1. Download / Install Export Cookie (any FF or chrome extension would do)
  2. Open Twitter and Click on above installed addon and click on Export cookie to a file called “cookie.txt
  3. Save Tweet280 script to on your computer
  4. place cookie.txt and on same location
  5. open terminal navigate to the location where you save the files and type  “python
  6. If all goes well you will be greeted with “Enter Your Tweet:
  7. Type your 280 characters of tweet and hit Enter.
  8. you will be greeted with “Success” and check out your tweet on twitter
  9. Enjoy

Tutorial – 280 character Tweet from TweetDeck

If you use TweetDeck for some (weird) reason follow this tutorial to get your tweets with 280 characters on Tweetdeck bypassing the standard twitter limit of 140 characters:-

  1. Open Tweetdeck
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to open Developer Tools

  3. Once Developer Tools Open click on “Sources
  4. Click on “+ New snippet” and paste THIS CODE on the right side as in image below
  5. Press “Ctrl + Enter” to run the script
  6. Enjoy Tweets on Twitter with 280 characters limit.

Do you think Twitter should roll out 280 characters for the masses or you are content with 140 characters limit currently held?


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  • its a closed Beta feature - like officially you are not allowed to do 280 characters of tweet (as of yet - not knowing if twitter will roll this feature out or not ). so the above method becomes a Hack. Na i doubt twitter will ban your account for that .. i have been doing 280 tweets all fine at my end (as of now)

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