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Hackers Take down Pakistan Internet Submarine Cables

Hackers Deface Websites of Transworld 1 which owns 1300 KM of Submarine Internet & Communication Cables which connects Pakistan with Outer Countries , more about the Company can be read on Wikipedia


Hackers Deface & (Transworld)

Below is a Screen Capture of defaced Website:

Hackers which seem to be somehow related to Hackology Portals (which can also be a trick to portray members of our Portals as it has happened many a times in past aswell) defaced the following websites owned by TransWorld 1 :

Hackers mentioned that they informed the site Admins before defacing both the websites , they also mentioned that complete site backups have been taken which I think is not possible as Servers hold TB’s of Data and Defacing is usually a quick action where hackers are not given much time


Update 2017 : Hackers Release Partial Data of Transworld Servers

Hacked Transworld
View of Remote Desktop Session of TransWorld Session

Hackers have released partial data of the Transworld Hack. Released Data includes :

  • Admin details of FTP
  • RDP Login Details
  • Admin Password of Windows Domain Controller
  • MySQL Root Login and backup of all databases (tes,test,tw,liveedit)
  • Internal Notices and Conference Summaries

Partial Hacked Credentials are available on Encrypted Paste



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