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WhatsApp Status is Back

WhatsApp has brought back the old ‘Status’ feature, as its new Snapchat-styled Status received mixed reactions from users.Although the rich new Status is clearly an improvement, the fact that WhatsApp users can no longer use the Status feature to inform others whether they are available to talk was not liked by millions of WhatsApp users.


[Android] How to Activate WhatsApp Status Feature for Android

You can activate the text only WhatsApp Status feature by either waiting for an official WhatsApp update for your cell or by just following these simple steps:
Step 1:
Open WhatsApp Android App Testing and join WhatsApp Beta Program
Step 2: After sometime you will receive an update on your Android to update WhatsApp.
Step 3: Update your WhatsApp on your Android
Step 4: Enjoy the good old text based Statuses we all loved.

[iPhone] How to Activate WhatsApp Status Feature for iPhone

WhatsApp text status will be launched on iPhone in another 3 weeks. You can wait for the update or you can join WhatsApp Beta program to get the old status feature instantly. Follow this comprehensive guide to become WhatsApp Beta user on iPhone / iOS

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