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Unique Android Apps 2017

There are millions apps available for Android devices and obviously it’s very hard to catch up on the best of them. Considering this we have picked out some of them in the 1st episode of exciting and cool Android Apps of 2017 that are worth trying. Do keep in mind these might not be the most famous apps but these are the MOST Unique apps till now for year 2017

1. Touch Circle

Usually live wallpapers drain too much battery but Touch Circle is a live wallpaper with a “simple premise”. It can display various information right on your home screen within a circle that you can cycle through and activate with gestures and taps. You can customize it by changing the color and position but if you pay for the Pro version you can instead opt for a soothing gradient or put your own image behind the Touch Circle. It can display:

Mountain wallpaperGradient wallpaper

• Time: time, date, and the next set alarm.
• Next calendar event.
• Motto: Display a custom phrase.
• Symbol: pick your favorite symbol to display. This is useful to leave up when you might not want others to see other content in your cycle like calendar info or a reminder in Motto.
Touch Circle is a widget that can easily replace three or four other widgets on your screen.

2. YouTube Go

This version of YouTube is for slow internet connections.YouTube GO has three distinct features :
• Before starting the video it gives an option to watch video in different quality levels as standard or Basic.
• Option to save the video for offline use.
• To send or share the video with your friends over Hotspot or Bluetooth.

 YouTube Go (Unreleased)- screenshot  YouTube Go (Unreleased)- screenshot

Although the Offline Use is not also part of official Youtube App, but this allows for video sharing which the former does not.

3. Yalp Store

If you are a custom ROM user you get two options, either install the Gapps or sideload apk. But with Yalp Store you can download APKs just like you do in Google play store without having to install Gapps or GMS suite.Now if you want to use android without Google play services you can use Yalp store.

4. VolumeSlider

With VolumeSlider you can now adjust the volume by sliding at the edge of your phone screen, like in iPhone where you can change the volume using Control Centre, instead of using physical buttons.Using VolumeSlider feels as if adjusting the volume while using MX Player.

 VolumeSlider- screenshot  VolumeSlider- screenshot

5. Wakie

Although Google play store has too many alarm apps but Wakie is a bit different as you get wakeup call from a random stranger in Wakie and yes they are real people, pretty cool right! Wakie is known as a Social Alarm Clock because of the same reason. You may choose the language and have voice conversation, ask questions or socialize with new people, but that’s rather weird as people might take that more of a dating thing.

6. iA Writer

For note taking and to-do lists or longer writings iA Writer is best choice as a text editor. Designed to be simple and provide focused writing experience. It offers a deeper focus as all other writing fades into dull grey color except the current sentence while using Focus Mode.

Functionally powerful with features like:
• Integrated file browser
• Markdown preview
• Beautiful templates
• Real time Dropbox and Google Drive Sync
• Night Mode
• Publish on or wordpress directly
• Export options like PDF, HTML or MS word

Do you know of any unique app ? Share with us and if it is cool enough we will share it here..

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