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Take my Account but not my Password

People who spend alot of time on Internet with online services reach a point where they need to share their account access with friends and colleagues but no one is comfortable sharing their username and password. This article will give you options to share your account access for as long as you want but without sharing your credentials.

Sharing Account Passwords

If you are reading this you are also among those who at times require to share account access but no one is ever comfortable sharing their Passwords. Passwords are personal and unfortunately people tend to make a mistake of keeping 1 password for multiple online accounts.The service I will be sharing does something similar , it lets your share Access of your account without sharing your Password, Neat ?. AccessURL does not rely on or have access to usernames or passwords. AccessURL relies on cookies instead. On most websites, that means if you sign out, everyone using your Access URL will get signed out too. This is one of the ways AccessURL prioritizes security above everything.

Sharing Online Accounts Access but NOT the Password

Access URL is a free service which lets you share access without the need of sharing your password.Logic behind Access URL is simple, it saves your cookie and shares the session with others rather the password.You can control for how long access is being shared and revoke access whenever you feel like.Few others things you need to know before you begin sharing access, keep reading…

How to share using Access URL

    1. Install the Chrome Extension or Firefox Addon
    2. Navigate to the website you want to share access to
    3. Click on the AccessURL extension icon in the top right of your web browser
      Click the accessurl button
    4. Click “Create Access URL”
      Set expiration
    5. Send the URL to the person you want to share access withShare the access url

Accessing logins after people have shared is also very simple and straight forward

    1. Install the Chrome Extension or Firefox Addon
    2. Navigate to the AccessURL the user shared with you (e.g.
    3. Click the “Get access” button

Get access

AccessURL is Safe ?

When you share access with someone you are saving your session with AccessURL website although website is credible and robust but Hackers have patience and consistency and we can no rule out this fact that due to a simple Social Engineering Attack on employee of AccessURL all saved sessions of thousands of users end up on the Dark Web for sale. While sharing sessions through AccessURL its wise to revoke access to your shared sessions , that can only be done if you have an account on AccessURL website. I strongly recommend you to make an account if you plan using AccessURL.

Update – 6 Jan 2018 : Access URL is not working anymore nor there is any response from the developers, all their contact sources go dead, you can try the alternative to AccessURL shared below

AccessURL Alternative

Alternative services which enable us to share our login sessions and eradicate the need of sharing username and password is a good feature and comes handy. Best AccessURL alternative is Meldium


Meldium is more focused on the commercial and bigger organizations which need things done in a team group on services which DO NOT offer such features. Meldium also offers a Free plan for simple internet surfers like us.

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