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Huawei OAK OS will debut with Mate 30 series

The wait is officially over for Huawei users, it’s coming and we couldn’t be more excited! Yes, the new OS for Huawei is going to be released no sooner than the end of this year. As the launch draws near, we are also getting more details about the mysterious OS which will replace Android in Huawei smartphones.

Huawei HongMeng OAK OS
HongMeng or OAK os will reportedly by based on Android Architecture

Although Huawei wanted to better its ties with google and continue with android OS on its gadgets, Google, In the wake of recent US sanctions is no longer willing to offer official Android support to Huawei. This ban has put pressure on increasing the efforts they were already doing on building the OS, Oak or otherwise known as HongMeng in China. I have covered details about HongMeng / Ark / Oak in my previous write-up which you will enjoy reading as it also highlights the 5G war of US-China : Not all is Bad for Huawei Users

No Android on Huawei smartphone but OAK
Android will not be used on newer Huawei Smartphones but Android Apps will still be compatible

According to reports from a Chinese newspaper, The Global Times, it would be out this August or September. Huawei is said to be testing this new OS for any bugs or faults before it’s official release.

Oak OS – What We Know

Huawei has not revealed much about the big surprise, but here are a few bread crumbs we’ve managed to gather so far and with every passing day things get bit more clear

  • Oak OS will be compatible with Android: Android compatibility is important for Huawei since it has to support a ready made app ecosystem. The company is seeking the support of the developer community, “In order to guarantee a smooth usage of your App for our users, Huawei is committed to providing you with full support, to help you publish your App into AppGallery, it is an invitation to join our 560k developer community for free.” while also pointing out its 350 million devices sold out in the past two years only. Developers would not miss out the opportunity of being in the Huawei eco-system
Huawi new OS will beat Android
Huawei Oak OS might be a good replacement and break Android monopoly, as Android broke Apple’s
  • Facebook announced it would prohibit preinstalled apps: clearly showing the impact of a misstep by the Tech giant, the announcement from Facebook has users concerned whether the social media apps Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp would work with the previous and the new devices. However, Huawei has asked android support “to ensure consumers know that this has no impact on existing devices, and future devices will still be able to download, install, and use Facebook apps without any issue on Huawei devices.”
  • Google’s warning or a desperate cry: The Financial Times recently reported that Google warned the U.S. government of the potential risks of blacklisting Huawei. Google believes that Huawei’s Android alternative could be less secure and pose a bigger security threat. It said that the hybrid system could have more bugs than that of Google and would be at a greater risk of being hacked. This warning of Google showed that Google is also worried that if Huawei is allowed to work and polish it’s own operating system it will be bad business for Android, and who knows people might not stop seeing Android as the only option.
  • Faster. Better: the new OS is reportedly said to be 60% faster than Android. The OS checked by the Chinese company revealed that the new OS is faster and better than android, allowing users to enjoy a satisfying experience and making their phone usage easier.
  • Manufacturers Opting for Huawei OS : Oppo,Vivo and Redmi are some of the companies which have already shown interest in the Hongmeng as the recent US sanctions is an eye opener for every company. Above mentioned companies have shared their concerns as not to rely on Android and they would try out Oak OS when it is launched. This news is another dent for Android.
Huawei OAK OS 60 times Faster
Huawei OAK OS claims are not yet vetted as they are not made available to the public

The Mate 30 series

Alongside the new operating software, Huawei is also launching its new Mate 30 series to which, analysts are calling the timing. Having said that, let’s look at the new Series and what Huawei has in store for us. Here are the features we’re expecting the Mate 30 series to have:

  • Glass and metal body
  • Exciting colour options
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • 6.5-inch+ display
  • Full HD+ resolution
  • Kirin 985/990 chipset
  • 4GB RAM+
  • 128GB storage+
  • NM storage expansion (as MicroSD also barred Huawei to use their storage, but who cares ?)
  • Triple rear Leica camera
  • 4000mAh+ battery
Huawei Mate 30 Series

Cut to the chase:The release date and price

The successor to the Mate 20 series, Mate 30 series is reportedly going to be launched in the coming October 2019 just after the release of the OS HongMeng. Although the prices are still unknown, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that it will be higher than the previous mate series, keeping into account the fact that these smartphones will give the ultimate experience of phone usage. With its dual punch-hole front camera and a bigger camera block suggesting the possibility of four rear cameras, this will be the camera phone the future wants.

Mate 30 Series
Four rear cameras will make Mate 30 the ultimate camera phone

What we expect to see

Some sort of futuristic features perhaps or a completely new, completely dazzling design, we expect the Chinese company to take us by surprise yet again. Huawei undoubtedly is facing a major crisis these days and is competing to overcome the hurdles blocking its way to providing the best, users are expecting to see nothing less than the best. It is very important for Huawei to make statement with their Mate 30 series which will be using their own operating system as the industry dominance and market shares are at stake.

Let’s see whether our expectations are met or is Huawei going in for major losses. Tune in later to find out what’s new in this ongoing drama. As things are evolving , just last week we knew HongMeng as Ark OS outside of China but now it turns out to be OAK OS. Alot is going to change and if Huawei plays the cards right this fiasco can become their way of total dominance.

Whats your take on this ? would you give OAK OS a try or are you not going near a Huawei device in near future ?

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