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Install Microsoft Edge Unreleased version on Android 

Microsoft Edge comes to Android but why would people use Edge ? One interesting feature is the seamless moving of browsing from your android to your PC, let’s dig in the early access version of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Preview – Unreleased 

Microsoft is currently rolling out edge for Android with a note that app is in development and it might be unstable. The App is unlisted but you can still install it to test without the need of any beta program (weird). Install Microsoft Edge from Google PlayStore and read our review as your new app installs

The Name of App is “Microsoft Edge Preview” which will change after they run out of their test phase ,The App is 56 MB in size. In the App drawer the package name is “Edge”.

Microsoft Edge Icon on Android
Microsoft Edge Icon on Android


Microsoft Edge Installation and Experience on Android

When you open the app you are greeted with a sign in screen which is the main reason of even thinking to install this app so you may sync your browsing between your windows 10 PC and Android

Microsoft Edge Android - Setup
Microsoft Edge Android – Setup

You can sign in with your Outlook ID, Skype or even Mobile once signed in the first screen is the typical design every browser app is showing now a days

Microsoft Edge Android - Home Screen
Microsoft Edge Android – Home Screen

Microsoft moved the Settings button and New Tab to the bottom right , which makes sense as its more natural to use the phone with one hand and browse and move along tabs and go into settings.

Microsoft Edge Settings Option - with easy approach
Microsoft Edge Settings Option

Microsoft Edge has focused on their “Reading View” enabling a mark-down approach of articles where all irrelevant items are removed so users can focus on reading their article, Reading View can also be customized to user liking changing font size and background colour etc.

Customization in Microsoft Edge Reading View
Customization in Microsoft Edge Reading View

Microsoft Edge - Reading View
Microsoft Edge – Reading View














Microsoft Edge – Sync Browsing

Microsoft Edge Preview comes with sync data option between the mobile browser and Edge on the desktop. This requires the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update , which will be released on October 17, 2017.
Favorites and reading list are synced across devices and users of Edge may use the “continue on PC” feature to move content between mobile devices and PCs. To Setup Sync Browsing we need to link our Android device with Windows 10 running PC, although doing that would require you to wait a bit as mentioned above.

Link Microsoft Edge Android with Windows 10 PC
Link Microsoft Edge Android with Windows 10 PC

Edge browser comes with features already seen in the desktop version of Microsoft Edge. Favorites and reading list have been mentioned already; there is the hub view which acts as a library and provides access to favorites, the browsing history, books, and reading list.

Microsoft Edge for Android is any better ?

Microsoft Edge Preview for Android using Google Blink engine instead of Edge Code because of which I noticed it opened quickly on the first load , site loads were normal, offers good web compatibility and app would hang if I hit the “Back” button while loading any URL from within the settings tab while its not done. As you can see below doing that even got the Microsoft Edge is not Responding Error message.





Microsoft Edge Android not responding
Microsoft Edge Android not responding Message

How to Install Microsoft Edge Preview on Android

What is your take on Microsoft Edge for Android ? What will make you use this App ?

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