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One Plus 3 Launched with stunning features

One Plus 3 launch was given a new touch with its The Loop VR App , although many users could not watch it due to the fact it was a new thing for most.During my review of the The Loop app i recorded the complete session so others can watch how the experience was inside the VR app. The Live broadcast i did was really crappy :p

The Loop VR App Launch Demo Video

One Plus 3 comes in great unibody, featuring all new Dash Carge capability which can charge your phone to 60% in 30 min . Qualcomm® Snapdragon 820 processor, fastest finger scanner in market, a great camera having 16 MP and my very favourite  6GB RAM along with many other Flagship phone features. Check out all the Specs on One Plus 3 Website . I am bit skeptical about the 3000mAh battery but lets hope it gives out good performance.

Will you buy One Plus 3 ?

Do keep in mind One plus 3 does not ship along with ear buds you will need to buy those from the One Plus Store but it does come with Screen Protector already attached

I have ordered my OP3 for £309 already which will be shipped in 9 days , will you be getting one ?


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