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Hackers for Hire might not be the hackers you think they are and can be ‘con artists’ or scammers. A recent research published by Google in collaboration with University of California. The 11 page research might interest you aswell , which you may read or continue reading the article where I have taken out the interesting aspects for your consumption :

Research : Hack for Hire – Exploring the Emerging Market for Account Hijacking

Hire a Hacker

Hire a Hacker Advertisement on the Internet

Research Focus – Hire a Hacker

The researchers were interested in black market services where you hire self proclaimed hackers to get you access of accounts where you lack the capability of doing the same or maybe lack the moral courage of doing something illegal but comfortable of giving someone else the same task.
Hackers for hire need to give in alot of time and effort to execute a tailored attack which can be spearphishing or whaling. Social Engineering is the most successful nowadays and the most difficult hack to execute.

Fake Email sent to Hack Gmail Account
Hackers for Hire sent out a Fake Email to reset the password
Price to hack various Email Services

Monthly price that Service A charges across email and social network account providers. Over two years, the price per Gmail account increased from $123 to $384

That kind of thing takes effort. Most hackers for hire aren’t up to the task, to say the least. Many were outright scams – not too surprising and some wouldn’t even take on the job if it involved attacking Gmail.
For those services that did agree to take on the challenge of hacking Gmail accounts, the cost climbed over the course of two years, from $123 to $384 – with a peak of $461 in February 2018.
Prices for hacking Yahoo have been the same as Google, while Facebook and Instagram hacking fee have actually fallen to the current average of $307.

Hackers Price Pattern

Price differences for hacking various email providers and the change in pricing are likely driven by operational and economic factors: Google and Yahoo have gotten better at protecting email accounts, while prices have increased as the market for a specific service shrinks

Prices will naturally increase as the market for a specific service shrinks (reducing the ability to amortize sunk costs on back-end infrastructure for evading platform defenses) and also as specific services introduce more, or more effective, protection mechanisms that need to be bypassed (increasing the transactional cost for each hacking attempt).

– Excerpt taken from Hackers for Hire Research

Hackers for Hire are Frauds

The research proved it out by setting up bogus online buyer personas with which to approach 27 hacking-for-hire services. The researchers tasked those services with compromising particular victim accounts.

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Those supposed “victims” were actually honeypot Gmail accounts operated in coordination with Google.

Only five of the services they contacted delivered on their promise to attack the supposed victims. The rest were scammers, demurred when it came to attacking Gmail accounts, or had lousy customer service, as stated in the research article:

Just five of the services we contacted delivered on their promise to attack our victim personas. The others declined, saying they could not cover Gmail, or were outright scams. We frequently encountered poor customer service, slow responses, and inaccurate advertisements for pricing.


Hacker for Hire might not be that big of a threat which we all feared. Internet is filled with reports stating that Dark Net is filled with hackers who would hack any account for you if you pay them. In the research they conducted only 11 services even “tried” to check the account required to be hacked while 5 among the 11 succeeded , rest 17 didn’t even bother to do anything. Very neatly summed up in the research :

We surmise from our findings, including evidence about the volume of real targets, that the commercial account hijacking market remains quite small and niche. With prices commonly in excess of $300, it does not yet threaten to make targeted attacks a mass market threat.

Have you ever had the need to hire a hacker ? or experienced a hack of your account ?


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  • I used their services and they are capable of hacking emails address because they helped me gain access into my old lost account . They are up to no good with their services . When I wrote them , their words were ( we can hack anything provided I pay ) that was the phrase that caught my attention . God bless all reall hackers out there for their sincere services . Greyhatzhackers are the best .

  • I really dont think they are scammers because They just helped me gain access in an spouse’s phone and it took about 3 days for them to do that . They didnt take any upfront from me and now I have a cloned version of my ex’s phone . So please where did you get that they are scammers? can you explain because I am lost my friend . Have you ever worked with them and they didnt deliver to you ?

  • Thank you for this post/review. I contacted them , they asked me where I got their contact from before they can attend to me ( They said that the only way they can work for me , if I gave them I code word) . Maria gave me a code word they gave her when she used their services and 3 days later they helped me hack the new IPhone . I am wise enough to know what is right and wrong . I do not regret my actions .

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  • Lucky me . Hahaha
    I initially thought it was a joke and I reluctantly emailed them and look at me smiling like I just won a lottery . They lie to you if they tell you it dont work because they dont want you to use their services . I am not paid to write a review but I am writing to enable other seekers find answers . I have been using the wrong people all this while . These guys are the truth . Boom .

  • Hello Luka , I also had the same problem , It took my almost 8 days for me to find someone with the code . that is how difficult they made it. I think they have a very good strategy of keep their services together without everyone and anyone being able to access them . I got my code after I work with them first time . it can only be emailed to you . you can ask Markredhandle if he can email to you ..

  • You should not be giving fault comments just because you want people to work with you. All of us here can not be lying . I am a proud user of their service and I can out-rightly say that you lie . You are Dr-hack , and you saying this because you want people to turn to you . I will report you soon . They are legit to the core . I have stopped doubting .

  • This is a big relief for me to have found this review, I also used their services and I cant say bad about their services . The only bad thing is that they didnt keep to the time they asked me to wait . They did ask me to wait for 16 hours and the project ended up stalling for 24 hours but at the end , they deliver . I didnt get a code word , like the wanted , So that had to make me give an minimal deposit before they could attend to my project . I was given a code word at the end of the project just in case I did like to refer family and friends . ( I like how to work with chain ) . If you dont have a channel , you can not work with them . I am impressed . I am going to surly use their services again If I have to .

  • This is a legit advert , I am not a faker and I will know one when I see one .
    I had to used their services based the review I found on here and I was not disappointed . I tried calling them but no response , They attend to emails quicker than the call . Splendid .

  • Thank you for the review . It also helped me . Now I know why the reviews are here . they always ask us to come back and make the review after they have successfully worked on your project . That is part of their terms before they start working for you . I have successfully used their services and it worked for me 100% . I am proud with my actions of hiring a hacker .

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  • I was told to come here for a positive review after my project has been completed and I am here to say that they really do a good job with their hacks . My credit score was also fixed without any hassled but mehn , these are expensive , ( Please do not tell them I said this , but their payment plan is quite interesting ) . My credit score is smiling now .

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  • I also got a code word given to me after I completed my project with them . Please send me your email via inbox and Let me give to you because they said that is the only way they will do a project before payment if I want to recommend friends and family . although I paid first because I didnt have a code word when I started . So you are lucky .

  • Lovely guys that knows what they are doing . I wouldn’t believe they can ever get mt credit score fixed , after being scammed twice by some low budget scammers that took 150 from me and never wrote me back . I only decided to try these Greyhatzhackers because of too many good and positive reviews I found about them but on here on a FICO forum . I will never doubt anymore because I am tasted that there are good real hackers out there . I was also asked to make review where I found their contact when they are done working on my credit score and that is why I am here to write , normally I would not ever do this . I was asked to review and screenshot my reviews after my final payment to them. I a lucky to be alive . God will reward you all for showing us the realness . Although there phone number never gave me any response but their email did .

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  • I have also used the GreyHatzHackers and I was asked to come here for review ( Where I found their contact) and it took only 16 hours for me to get a phone hack from them .

    Thank you Redhandle for this .

  • i dont want anyone to turn to me … but stop spreading scam .. and because every spam account is posting doesn’t make them legit

  • GreyHatzhackers are worthy of their name . They are kind of expenses to some point but they are equal to the task . Thank you for this review

  • Thank you for this . It was really helpful . No upfront and yet did the task .

  • My husband is a big cheat . These hackers helped me find that out . I think people that say negative things are only their competitors. I have proof my husbands whats app was hacker by these guys . I only provided few information and it was done . I have a concrete proof because I log into his whats app everyday . Greyhatzhackers are the leading team as far as I am concern .

  • Good works . Really really Good but damn they are expensive for a phone hack .

  • I only used their services because I seen too much reviews here about same Greyhatzhackers . I tried them and they were right with all their services . I have used them twice for Phone hack and social media hack of same person . They delivered flawlessly . I am proud of my actions

  • I requested for a competitor website hack, they told me it was going to take 24 hours and after 48 hours they didnt deliver. They asked I give them more time I refused but I was refunded. Overall, these hackers know what they are doing . Kudos

  • Seen all this comment on here made me try them out and I will advice anyone looking for a hacking not to pass these hackers by . They great but they are freaking expensive . I wonder how people still do afford them .

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  • Yess it worked . my question is how does this hacker do their work . A social media was done for me 5 hours . for less than a thousand dollars. I found them also in deep web using Tor. I only wanted a try and I am convinced . You are a blessing redhandle

  • Please how long did it take for them to hack a cell phone . They said it would take 8 hours and I really need a cell phone hack ( Iphone) please help .

  • It took 6 hours actually for an android to be hack by them . I dont know about Iphone but overall they are good with their services and hence many reviews here. everyone cant be lying and that was why I tried them too . But they are expensive I must say . Contact them at your own risk in terms of pricing .

  • I am a UAE resident ( Qatar ) and these guys , Omg I will say it again These guys saved my life. If you are still doubting after too many people has said same positive review about them , then you are a loser. I never regretted any moves I made with them but damn they are expensive .

  • Seeing all this comment on here about same people made me try my luck with cell phone hack. I am satisfied with their services no doubt. I found what I wanted .

  • They help with a whats app hack to exposed my husband. Value for my money . I Dont care

  • Please I want a phone hack too . Please kindly email me . I want to hck my boss’s email .

  • I made a research about them before hiring and guys anyone that tells you that these guys are not is either a competitor of their services or just a hacker. Give them a try and see for yourself . I totally concur to hiring them .

  • They are legit , I recommend them highly . Everyone here cant be lying,this was the ONLY reason I gave them a try and I am glad I did . They also promised me a refund policy before I hired them and there was really no need for refund. Nice

  • Nice post . I like How you detailed your comment to help us out looking for real hackers . Nice forum too .

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