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Cloudflare Announced Warp VPN For Better Performance and Security

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One year ago, Cloudflare launched free privacy-focused DNS resolver services called to make the internet better, secure, reliable and efficient. As the service name has four 1s, the company decided to launch it on 04/01/2018.

Recently, on 04/01/2019, Cloudflare announced the addition of a VPN to its DNS resolution app which was first launched in November, 2018 to speed up mobile internet by using the network of Cloudflare to resolve DNS queries faster than the existing mobile network. The Cloudflare-built VPN called Warp reroute your traffic to make it even faster and encrypt it for security and privacy where possible.

Cloudflare has designed Warp using the WireGuard VPN protocol for mobiles in such a way that it optimizes the privacy and security and as well as drains less battery when compared to a typical VPN app. Warp also claims that caching and compressing content should reduce data use where possible.

While VPNs often trick websites into believing that they are accessed from a different location, this is not a functionality offered by the Cloudflare VPN app, rather it increases speed and privacy secretly.

Cloudflare says that no user identified data is written to our disk and that it will not use it to target ads for you, rather Warp will instead rely on a freemium model for making money. The Standard Warp service can be used free of charge, however Warp+ is a paid service and uses the Argo technology of Cloudflare to further increase the speed and reliability.

Sign Up to Claim Your Spot

Cloudflare decided to launch Warp for everyone on 1st April 2019, but the idea was opposed by their reliability engineering team so that users can have great experience and any unforeseen issues can be resolved easily. So, instead of rolling out Warp at once, user are required to claim the spot in their waiting list.

You can update the app if you have already the App on your phone or you can download it for free from  Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You will see an option once you have updated your app to claim your spot on Warp waitlist. As it rolls out to waitlist, your position in line will rise. If it’s your turn, you will get a message and experience a quicker, safer, private internet using Warp.

Warp Waiting List
Warp Waiting List

Until you get Warp, you can use the DNS app for security and performance. Moreover, if you don’t want to take advantage of Warp for any reason in future installations, you can always turn off this option for free.

It is expected that in the coming weeks Cloudflare will start inviting people to try Warp. If demand remains within our forecast, everybody on the waitlist will have this available before the end of July.

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