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5 Important Features of Android VPN

5 Important Features of Android VPN & ExpressVPN Giveaway Inside

In this post I will be offering  Free Giveaway for ExpressVPN , Participants will be able to claim a total of 2 subscriptions of ExpressVPN each subscription will be for 12 months (total worth of $310). That is not all, you will be able to read about the 5 most important aspects to look for in a VPN which I will lay down so that you always make the right choice when opting for a VPN.

5 Critical Features to look for in an Android VPN

Currently, the market is flooded with both free and subscription-based mobile VPNs. Each VPN uses unique technology, but the one thing that all these VPNs promise is the best possible service. With so many options, each promising the best, it can get a little confusing when trying to decide which one is the best for you or which one is the best overall.

To guarantee that you choose wisely, here is a list of five features that you need to factor in when looking for a mobile VPN.

1. Trial Period for Mobile VPN

A VPN’s trial version is not just important; it is crucial. That is because it allows you to test the features the VPN offers and determine if they work well on your device. Most essential aspects to check for include compatibility and the number of devices you can use per account.

While most VPNs support all major platforms, some do not. For instance, if you want a VPN for your Android device while you also own a MAC computer, and the VPN does not support both Android and iOS, then it means you would need to purchase a separate VPN for your MAC which can be costly, and such a VPN should never be an option.

Second, a good VPN for Android should be able to support at least five devices per account. That is a good number for the average number of devices a person can have — for example, a phone, a laptop, a desktop PC, and a tablet.

Finally, trial versions have money back guarantees which means if you do not like the product, you can get your money back. That is not possible for a VPN with no trial version, and as a result, you might end up stuck with a product you do not like.

2. VPN Tailored for You

When looking for a VPN, first determine the requirements that your chosen VPN must meet. For instance, when looking for a VPN for your entire household, you are better off purchasing a router-based VPN or one that allows unlimited connections because a house as a whole has a lot of devices which can make use of a VPN,

On the other hand, if you need a VPN that will facilitate online streaming, then you need one that has high speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and reliable connections.

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Therefore, sit down, make a list of needs that your VPN must meet and those which you can forego. Compare the list to determine the best VPN which would serve you best.

3. Mobile VPN with Multiple Geo Locations

VPN you end up choosing should have servers in all the areas that you travel or have your online dealings. That way, you will not find yourself physically or virtually stranded because the VPN has no server in that particular location.

For instance, if you are someone like Scotty Allen who travels to China a lot or even lives or works there, then you would need a VPN that can deal with the censorships and restrictions China is known for.

On the other hand, if you travel all over the world, then you need a VPN that has many servers in locations across the globe.

4. Android VPN with Toughest Encryption

VPNs differ when it comes to the type of encryption they employ. To start with, some VPNs use 256-bit encryption, and others 192-bit encryption or 128-bit encryption. Of the three, 256-bit encryption is the most secure.

Examples of commonly used protocols include IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP. The various protocols provide varying levels of security. Moreover, some VPNs also use VPN encryption algorithms that help bolster security. The three main types of algorithms are AES-AES, RSA and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). Again, each of these encryption algorithms has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, research profoundly and read up on the various encryption protocols and algorithms to determine which one will offer the best possible protection

5. Privacy and Logging policies

The one thing about VPNs that most people know is that they provide complete privacy and anonymity. However, you need to consider that some VPN providers do keep a certain amount of user data for a given period.

If such providers are served with a warrant, they will release this data to the authorities. Therefore, do a deep dive on the kind of data the VPN provider keeps. Understand the provider’s privacy policy and always go for a VPN for Android that keeps zero logs, or the minimum amount of user data.

The Winning VPN

Any VPN that fulfills the five mentioned features is worth your while, and it will serve you well. Therefore, keep the features in mind when differentiating between the various VPNs. You may check out this Android VPN which I know qualifies against everything mentioned above and even surpasses them.

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