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Utopia p2p Network

One Year of Utopia P2P Ecosystem

On January 3rd, 2010 Bitcoin turned 1 year old. You may not yet have heard of Bitcoin by that date, but it was nonetheless destined to do great things. On November 18th, 2020 the Utopia P2P Ecosystem and Crypton (CRP) turned 1 year old, let us now review what has been accomplished in that short time.

Utopia is one of the most ambitious peer-to-peer projects ever created. It may be described as a “Revolutionary, Decentralized P2P Ecosystem”, combining instant messaging, encrypted mail, file sharing, group chats and channels, gaming, website hosting and digital currency, all protected by Curve25519 elliptic curve cryptography and supported by a peer-to-peer network of nodes without any reliance on central servers. After six years of secret development and 4 months of public beta testing, on November 18, 2019 the Utopia P2P network went live and Crypton (CRP) was born with 100% of newly mined coins going to miners and holders through PoS monthly disbursements–no ICO, no IEO, no team fund, no advisor fund, no foundation fund, no marketing fund, no fund of any kind–a purely fair launch. Beyond this, the 1984 Group not only self-funded the entire development and public beta testing of Utopia, but continues to fund the enhancement and promotion of the project through the support and promotion portal. The logic behind their ‘self funded’ mandate is to ensure that Utopia is never compromised and always works as per their laid down Manifesto.

Flat Theme Utopia p2p
Utopia lasted update added many new features including a Flat Theme which is minimalistic theme and feels light in use

Crypton (CRP) Trading on Exchanges

In the first few months of the ecosystem, peer-to-peer trading was the only way to acquire Cryptons (CRP) from miners. Thankfully, Utopia provided the ideal avenue to find those peers and communicate with them in order to come to terms on a trade. However, the demand for exchange trading was growing, especially from the active Chinese community. Eventually,  the first exchange to list CRP was actually native to Utopia itself, but conditions were not right for its success, as liquidity was virtually non-existent and the  exchange website had issues. The next exchange was of Chinese origin, listing without any fee and successful at first, but ultimately the exchange itself did not survive. In early August of 2020, was the third exchange to list CRP, also without any fee, and as of November of 2020, it remains the exchange with the greatest volume of trade. In early September of 2020, was the fourth exchange to list CRP.

Crypton (CRP) On The Crypto Map

On August 30th 2020, CoinGecko listed Crypton (CRP) and a few days later, on September 4th 2020, CoinMarketCap listed Crypton (CRP) as well, and suddenly, it felt like the entire world was now in on our little secret. The Utopia community’s Crypton Block Explorer was now getting a lot more use and the CRP Circulating Supply Estimate was created along with a dedicated supply feed.

P2P Gaming: Chess & Poker

Utopia’s client software was released with a superb peer-to-peer version of chess built-in. Users could challenge anyone in their list of contacts to a game and have a nice chat alongside a timed game of chess. On October 15th 2020, Utopia Poker was released which allowed up to 8 players to play a game of Texas Holdem No Limit Cash Game with real money at stake in the form of Crypton (CRP). Users from around the world could now create their own public or private tables with 2-8 players and blinds ranging from 0.001/0.002 CRP to 10/20 CRP.

The Evolution of Crypton (CRP) Mining

Probably the single most asked about feature of Utopia since its official release was mining, which received the lion’s share of development attention during Utopia’s first year. Upon first release in November of 2019, the client could mine using very minimal requirements and any internet connection. Unfortunately, this was quickly abused leading to enhanced requirements and the necessity for a static, public IP in order to prevent network degradation. As time passed, it became evident that too much traffic was being consumed by mining and a new approach was required to secure the network’s future. This resulted in the development of a new dedicated mining bot designed with stability, speed and performance in mind for the peer-to-peer network of Utopia. In November of 2020, the UAM (Utopia Alternative Miner) became the exclusive miner for the ecosystem, resulting in the removal of mining capability from the client software.

Decision of removing mining capability from client received a mixed response and many users referenced the initial statement that “Anyone can earn Crypton by using Utopia”. The user sentiment was justified but the logic behind removing had more value. Network stability in a p2p system enables all Utopia based functions / features to be stable and if disabling client based mining enabled that – it is justified. Being a PoS Coin, anyone can hold Crypton in their wallets and earn a monthly staking reward, so users are still benefited as they use Utopia.

Utopia – A Fully Functional Ecosystem

With the evolution of Crypton (CRP) mining and network support complete, Utopia entered a new era in its ecosystem development. One of Utopia’s star attractions; unstoppable, uncensorable, self-hosted websites is now finally a practical reality. Exclusive UAM bot mining brought with it sufficient enhancement in ecosystem speed, stability and performance that enabled fluid browsing of internal Utopia websites on the integrated idyll browser.

On November 20th 2020, the 1984 Group released the official forum for the Utopia community, uTalk, which is now also mirrored on the web at showcasing just what Utopia can do.


Utopia is a platform which is fully functional in its current state, unlike the majority of cryptocurrency projects with their road maps extending over a period of 10 years, where the actual utility of the coin is merely a promise in the future.. Utopia Ecosystem and Crypton allows you to perform all the tasks and the word ‘ecosystem’ refers to the fact that one does not have to leave Utopia for any of their online activity including crypto based transactions thus ensuring privacy. Where Utopia goes from here is entirely up to the community, but the foundations have been set for tremendous potential, it’s now up to us to realize it, build it and share it.

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Utopia p2p Ecosystem

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