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How to Deposit and Withdraw Crypton from

Utopia is decentralized peer to peer ecosystem which provides all the modern day utilities with in one app, including a financial solution : Crypton (CRP) which is the integral cryptocurrency of Utopia. Users can do a variety of payment related processes through Crypton. Detailed articles have already been written since Utopia came in beta and another Highlighting Utopia Updates and Improvements. Utopia has been listed by user demand on an exchange and this article will explain the procedure on how you can deposit your Crypton to ZG and withdraw Crypton back from ZG exchange to your own Wallet.

How to Deposit Crypton on ZG Exchange

The procedure to deposit Crypton ($CRP) is very simple but the “Tag Number” may have confused some users. Just follow the short pictorial tutorial to understand how it is done.

Step 1

  • Create your account on if you don’t have one already
  • Log in to your account and go to Balance > Wallet
  • In the “Search Coins” box type “CRP” or “Crypton” and you will see that Utopia’s Crypton will appear with it’s distinctive diamond icon.
    Depositing Crypton on ZG
  • Click on “Deposit” which you will see in front of CRP.
  • A new deposit page will open with a Deposit Address and a TAG, both of them are very important and we will need them to deposit our Crypton from own uWallet to ZG exchangeUtopia ZG CRP Deposit Address

Step 2

Once we have setup ZG and we have the required information let’s head over to Utopia client to proceed with the deposit

  • Open uWallet inside Utopia Client and click on “Send Cryptons” (you can also click on ‘Send’ which appears below your CRP balance)
  • Select from the drop down menu if you want to use any crypto card or your uWallet to send CRP from
  • Enter the “Deposit Address” you copied in Step 1 and paste it in the “Send to:” field
  • Enter the ‘Tag‘ you copied in Step 1 and paste it in “Comment:” field
    CRP Withdraw from Utopia
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you copy the Deposit address / Tag and paste as mentioned above in the exact manner. (Your tag number will vary while deposit address can change in future aswell)
  • After entering the required data click on “Preview Transaction” and recheck all the information and once all seems correct click on “Confirm Transaction” and your transaction will be processed
  • If all goes well you will be getting your Crypton on the exchange, which you can trade on the CRP/USDT Pair

Above mentioned 2 steps are all what is needed to deposit Crypton on ZG exchange. However you should always follow the instructions which are shown on the deposit page, at the time of writing the minimum deposit amount is 7 CRP and any amount less then 7 CRP will not be reflected in your ZG wallet.

How to Withdraw Crypton from ZG Exchange

Withdrawing Crypton (CRP) is even simpler as it does not involve the use of Tag number, for those looking for a step by step pictorial tutorial may continue reading.

Step 1

  • Open ZG Exchange and browse to your Exchange Wallet ( Balance > Wallet )
  • If you have deposited any Crypton you will see CRP among the top of the list, you can always check “hide small balances” to hide all those 0 balance wallets to make your wallet look tidy
  • Click on Withdraw in front of CRP Coin
    CRP Exchange Withdraw
  • In Withdrawal Address field add your Public Key, as that is your Wallet address
  • Turn on the “No Tag” toggle as Tag is not required while withdrawing Crypton
    CRP Exchange Withdraw Public Key
  • Click on Withdraw after verifying everything. In few moments you will get your CRP in your Client uWallet.

Again do follow the instructions given on the withdraw screen, as minimum withdrawal limit is 7 CRP and 5 CRP is the withdrawal fee. There is no Step 2 for the withdrawal procedure as it is very simple and short.


It’s just a matter of time that Crypton will be listed on various exchanges, User driven effort is already being made in conducting a user survey to get feedback on which exchanges matter to the community. Just like ZG cryptocurrency exchange listed Crypton on user demand other exchanges will pick up the hint and will start listing. At the time of writing CRP is trading at $0.23 other details can be checked at CoinGecko Utopia Page. If you have reached this part and are a user of Utopia, do provide a 5 question feedback if you haven’t already. Being a privacy-centric platform Utopia’s Crypton based transactions can not be viewed by others therefore always be very careful while depositing and withdrawing Crypton.

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