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Samsung Galaxy S10

Vulnerability in Facial Recognition of Samsung S10 Variants

Researchers have demonstrated that facial recognition in modern devices is unsecured and can be circumvented through simple tricks such as displaying an image or a video before a device.

Samsung’s newest top-level phone and one of the world’s most advanced smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S10, is the latest device to fall victim to this attack.

Sadly, according to Lewis Hilsenteger, a Smartphone Reviewer known as Unbox Therapy, facial recognition feature of the Galaxy S10 remains just as weak as that supported in previous versions or on its competitors’ devices.

Hilsenteger showed how placing a video from the phone owner before the Galaxy S10 front camera tricked the system of facial recognition into unlocking the device in a demonstration video on his YouTube channel.

Also, the Galaxy S10 was unlocked by an Italian reporter from with a photograph, which would be much easier for an attacker.

The result, however, was not always the same when others were attempting to replicate – unlike the approach of Hilsenteger, which almost always appeared to work.

Hearing this flaw didn’t trigger people in the world with same shock and awe as it had been a few years ago when the facial recognition screen lock feature was cracked.

Because both security researchers and regular users over the last few years have overlooked a wide range of devices with their facial recognition feature.

The users, for instance, bypassed the Samsung S8’s facial recognition with a picture ; Apple’s face ID function on an iPhone X with a $ 150 mask ; broke many of Android’s leading – edge telephones with a 3-D head ; and the same impressive 3-D heading method was employed in obtaining access to the Windows 10 biometrics solution protected devices.

Samsung Facial Recognition Failure meant to be

With reference to facial recognition failure, Samsung doesn’t consider this as a vulnerability, because Samsung thinks it’s just an unlock feature not a security feature and added as a way to unlock the phone. Although, they have not responded to the recent news, but the last statement by a Samsung spokesperson sent to Business Insider on the same issue was.

Facial recognition is a convenient action to open your phone – similar to the ‘swipe to unlock’ action. We offer the highest level of biometric authentication – fingerprint and iris – to lock your phone and authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder.

Why Facial Recognition isn’t Foolproof

A Dutch non – profit study last year found, in 42 of the 110 smartphones they tested, that investigators could bypass the face unlock feature.

The problem with these systems used in commercial products of the market today is that they are not performing any 3D depth scans of the tested face. Instead, the devices are only looking at how eyes, nose, and mouth are aligned and permits the person to use the device and unlock it – that is why most can be bypassed by displaying images or videos on the cameras.

Facial recognition is not the recommended way of unlocking your device as it is not the most secure way of doing it. No one should use Facial recognition on their Smartphones. When they devices will secure their facial recognition I will also let you all know.

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