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War Selection Secret Update

War Selection: Upcoming Secret Features

War Selection is an amazing game with a lot of potential. The developers have been rolling out tons of updates to tweak the game play and add new features, all of this is great, but there might be people wondering what they will add in the future. However, they need not to worry about this anymore as I will do exactly that: uncover some game-changing updates and many other things that are going to be a part of your favourite game. If you are interested in reading about War Selection Review or Guide , you may do so as I have written a very interesting post on War Selection: Review, Guide and Hack which shows some interesting tricks discovered by me.

So let’s dive straight in to see what the future of War Selection will be like

Bronze Age transitioning

There are only two options for the time being to choose from when advancing to the Bronze Age:

  1. Asia
  2. Europe

Soon you will be able to choose from 4 by including these:

  1. Bronze Age of Indians | Make the transition to the Bronze Age of Indians. 
  2. Bronze Age of Africa | Make the transition to the Bronze Age of Africa.

Industrial Revolution transitioning

Currently, you can transition to an abstract country to reach the Industrial Revolution. The upcoming addition to the game includes a variety of countries when transitioning to the Industrial era:

  1. Industrial Age of Spain
  2. Industrial Age of France
  3. Industrial Age of Germany
  4. Industrial Age of Great Britain
  5. Industrial Age of Russia
  6. Industrial Age of Ukraine
  7. Industrial Age of Turkey
  8. Industrial Age of India
  9. Industrial Age of Egypt
  10. Industrial Age of China
  11. Industrial Age of Korea
  12. Industrial Age of Poland
  13. Industrial Age of Japan

Tech Tree

A Tech Tree will be available in 2020. Tech Tree will serve the function of a guide regarding what will be accessible in the various ages of distinct groups. However, Tech Coins or Tech Points will be a part of this feature additionally. The purpose of Tech Coins/Tech Points remains unknown as of now although the probable usage of these can be to purchase special traits, colours, or possibly even special troops etc. Even though the function of these coins/points is unclear, they are going to be present along with the Tech Tree.

Resources and Time

War Selection Game Resources

Resources are the main core of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games, this game is no different. However, currently, the resources obtainable in this game are a handful:

  1. Food 
  2. Wood
  3. Copper

All of this will improve because there are going to be significant developments in 2020. Plans to add 4 more resources and to arrange them in a different category. The extension here would be of:

  1. Iron
  2. Gold 
  3. Fuel
  4. Silk

The materials category is presently the accumulation of wood and stone. After the addition of 4 new resources, the prevailing categories Food|Wood|Copper will convert into Food|Materials|Metal|Gold|Fuel. The following categories will be the compiled amount of these resources:

Food: Meat, Berries
Materials: Wood, Stone, Copper, Silk
Metal: ~
Gold: ~
Fuel: ~

The Metal acquired from metal ores, Gold possibly obtained by trading and the Fuel from oil wells. All of these are a part of the future.
A clock will be present to show the time. There are slight chances of night-time too! It will be a difficult stunt to pull off, but let’s hope for the best.

Fun Fact: The game is designed to think of animals as a separate nation.


An amazing future awaits for this game as some superb features are going to be a part of this. Let’s support the game and help it to reach its final version so that everyone can enjoy it fully! Let us know in the comments what features are you excited for, what features sound boring and what they should do. You can always check out the guide and hack for better understanding of the game.

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