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WhatsApp Features in 2022

9 Changes and Features coming to WhatsApp in 2022

WhatsApp owned by Meta (formerly Facebook) is working on either new features or changes in previous features. Following changes are expected to be launched in WhatsApp in the year 2022.

WhatsApp is a messaging and calling application that is widely used all over the world, with over 2 Billion active users. WhatsApp is also used for business purposes, with an additional service called Business WhatsApp. Business WhatsApp is used to enhance business over WhatsApp. Any user can do their business with the help of Business WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is growing significantly due to its enormous features of messages, audio calls, video calls, status, group chats, delete messages, disappearing messages and much more.

For improved user quality and user satisfaction, Whasadds new features to WhatsApp. Detail of new features that are expected to be launched in 2022 are discussed below.


In WhatsApp, users can view the last seen means the last online time of their contacts. But now, in a new feature, WhatsApp will allow users to hide their last seen to selected users in their contact list. Using this new feature, a user can hide his last seen to chosen contacts in his contact list. Before, WhatsApp had a Read Receipts feature for the whole contact list. However, the new feature hides blue ticks for selected users, and a user can hide the blue tick on seen messages for some friends.


WhatsApp has a feature of sending voice messages to users. If the voice message is too long, the user already has an option of fast play voice message at the speed of 1.5X and 2X. But now WhatsApp is working on slowing down the speed of voice messages. In this new feature, users can slow the playback speed like 0.5X.


Message Reaction in WhatsApp
Reaction on WhatsApp Messages

Message reaction is already available on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Now WhatsApp is also introducing the message reaction feature. The word “Message Reaction” means users can react with emojis to personal or group chat messages.


Users are already using this feature, “delete for everyone” with a time limit of 68 minutes and 16 seconds only. Between the mentioned time, a user can delete sent messages with delete for everyone. Furthermore, these messages will not appear in the chat to everyone. To increase the time for deleting messages for everyone, WhatsApp plans to set no time limit for this feature to delete messages for everyone even after one month. There would be no time limit for this feature in the future.


Extended time for disappearing messages in WhatsApp
Disappearing Messages upto 90 days

WhatsApp had previously introduced their new feature similar to delete for everyone with a little change, disappearing messages automatically in all chat threads with a time limit of seven days. WhatsApp will increase the time limit for automatic disappearing messages from seven days to 90 days.


In WhatsApp, users use the Archived Messages feature to hide the chat from the chat board. With a few changes in the existing feature Read Later will be introduced. A user can read these messages later in the Read Later feature instead of moving the chat to the archived. The Read Later option will replace the Archived messages.


WhatsApp had an option of Delete Account, but this new logout feature will soon replace the delete user account. With the use of the logout feature, users will be able to logout of their WhatsApp account. With this feature in WhatsApp, any user can log in to any device anywhere, anytime. A user can login and do what a user wants. After that, a user can log out from that device without losing data. 


WhatsApp is working on this new and unique feature. The new community feature is more similar to groups and channels. In the new community feature, the admin of the community has all control other than members. An admin can create more than one group in just a single community in this feature. Users who are members of one group and users who are members of other groups and these both groups come under the same community cannot view the details of each other until the admin gives access to the selected group.


This is quite a new feature with the integration of Instagram reels on WhatsApp. Reels are short and entertaining videos. With this feature on WhatsApp, users can view Instagram reels from their WhatsApp directly without using Instagram. Users may have their same WhatsApp registered number linked to Facebook and Instagram to view Instagram reels on their WhatsApp.


The new changes in WhatsApp will be so helpful to users. Some changes are more appreciable, like the time limit exceeds on delete for everyone. Suppose you want to delete any sent message, picture, audio, or video. In that case, you will be able to delete it anytime. Another positive change is the WhatsApp logout feature. With the logout feature, you can log in and log out of your WhatsApp account on any device and whenever you need. I hope everyone will get these features and changes before the end of 2022.

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