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WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Update

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone gets a FIX and its Bugged

WhatsApp, earlier this year, launched its much-awaited feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ that allows users to delete messages for upto 68 minutes after they were sent which was covered Here.

With this feature came the Hack, which allowed WhatsApp users to delete sent messages which were even 7 days old or more, which was again explained by me in this post : Delete 1 Week Old WhatsApp Message for Everyone. With this latest update WhatsApp plans to fix the above shared hack but that does bring some issues with Delete for Everyone option, which I will explain in this post.

This Fix wont allow other party to use delete for everyone option for older messages which have bypassed the  delete threshold set by WhatsApp

How WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Fix Works ?

WhatsApp has updated the “Recipient limit“. If you use the Delete for Everyone options but the recipient doesn’t receive the revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s (Device is off or not connected to internet), the message will NOT be revoked / Deleted.

Let say I sent John a message on WhatsApp while his device is not connected with the internet, I have 68 min till I can initiate the “Delete for Everyone” , After using the same option even if John is not connected to the internet and he comes ONLINE within 13 hour 8 min and 16 sec the message will be deleted, after this time limit even if you use the delete for everyone this option WILL NOT delete the message on others side.

The Bug in our Stars

This fix was essential so they could fix how we could exploit and manipulate the delete for everyone option. but it’s not a proper fix as this makes the Delete for Everyone option dependent on the other user to come ONLINE or connect their device within a certain time period.

Why WhatsApp has rolled out this Fix

This particular fix is a protection against modded users or those using hacks mentioned above that deleted messages sent weeks, months and years ago. You can still delete a message for everyone within 1h, 8m, 16s (official limit) as long as the recipient will receive your revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s. (Sounds confusing ? )


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