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Delete ‘1 Week’ old WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

WhatsApp recently launched “unsend feature” or ‘Delete for everyone feature’ which allowed us to delete a WhatsApp message not older than 7 minutes. In this article I will show you how you can delete WhatsApp message as old as 7 days – That’s 10073 more minutes of fixing your mistake

Update – March 2018 : WhatsApp has increased “Delete for Everyone” time from 7 minutes to 68 minutes

Utility of this hack is as per your imagination, and it might come handy because I have received emails already where people ask me about how to delete some older message which they regret sending later. This trick works both on Android and iPhone

[Tutorial] How to Delete 1 Week (7 Days)Messages on WhatsApp

I am really excited about this hack and to be honest it might stop working with the next WhatsApp update, who knows? .Follow these simple 8 steps to delete older WhatsApp Messages for Everyone:

  1. Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data on your Mobile
  2. Stop WhatsApp (Force Stop – How to Force Stop ?)
  3. Change the date on your phone to an older date from the message you want to delete. If you want to delete a message of 9th November 2017 , set your phone date to 8th November 2017.
  4. Open WhatsApp and find the message you want to delete
  5. Hit the delete option after selecting your message, you will be given the “Delete for Everyone” Option
  6. After deleting the message , go back and adjust your Phone clock to current time
  7. Connect Internet on your Phone
  8. Your Older message of WhatsApp will be deleted on the other person Device aswell


Below you can see images where I have deleted a WhatsApp message on the recipient WhatsApp

Pic-1 After 7 minutes no Delete for Everyone option is visible

Pic-2 After following above guide same message can now be “Deleted for Everyone”

Pic-3 WhatsApp Message deleted on the recipient WhatsApp aswell

Note: Setting a time which is more then 7 days will activate WhatsApp correct your time dialogue so it implies that you can delete messages as old as 7 days.

Note-1: Making a video Demo / Tutorial of the Feature and it will be added in the above guide shortly

Unsend feature extends to WhatsApp Web but this trick doesn’t work on the Web version of WhatsApp, but again you can always just open your phone and delete the message following the above guide.

I have been messaged by Android Jefe stating he found this trick first, so stating him here

Hope you enjoyed this easy hack which allowed you to bypass WhatsApp 7 minute message delete restriction, I have managed to find a way which allows us to see messages deleted by other people on WhatsApp, hope I don’t stay lazy and post that too.


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