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Whatsapp View Once Privacy

WhatsApp “View Once” is a Privacy Feature in the Right Direction

WhatsApp has finally started rolling out ‘view once’ feature for Android users in beta. Once enabled, the recipient can only view your photos and videos once before they disappear from the chat. It was in 2010, when technology took a leap, WhatsApp entered our lives only to change things forever. It’s been 11 years now and clearly there’s no looking back. WhatsApp has become integral part of our lives, despite having multiple social media application available in the software market, WhatsApp has become so integrated in our daily lives that it’s too hard to survive without it. Consequently, WhatsApp has been updating the application in order to enhance functionality, features and privacy…

WhatsApp View Once Update

What is WhatsApp View Once Feature?

‘View Once’ feature in WhatsApp is similar in concept to the feature one can find in Instagram termed as ‘expiring media’. In this update, photo or video will disappear once opened by the recipient or if he/she leaves the chat. This can be helpful in multiple ways, provide privacy and comfort to the individual sending the picture/video that it might not be misused or forwarded to someone else and this shall allow to save up space in your mobile phones since the picture/videos will automatically be removed from the chat and not be saved in mobile’s gallery.

Supprisingly, tapping the ‘Learn More’ leads to which returns a Content Not Found. It is odd that a platform this massively used still has such basic issues. No one currently knows the reason of missing out on View once FAQ.

Who can WhatsApp Privacy Feature?

WhatsApp has always been seen making attempts to fight spam or introduce privacy friendly features like self destruct messages, View once feature is a continuation of the same. This feature is currently available in beta version and only rolled out for android users. It can be found on WhatsApp version and onwards. The feature will work on photos, videos and gifs and can be shared with individuals as well as in groups. The feature will work even if someone has disabled his/her read receipts on WhatsApp, when sent to an individual, the chat will show whether the media has been opened but it won’t display the time and date of access. Whereas, when the media is shared in a group chat with ‘view once’ feature, he/she will be able to see date and time of access even if the read receipts have been disabled.

P.S Blocked contacts (if part of a group) will also be able to view your disappearing message. So Beware!!

How to Use WhatsApp View Once Feature

Now that we have understood what is the new feature and who can use it, the question arises on how can we send our pictures/videos using this ‘view once’ feature. Rest assured, the steps highlighted below will answer your question to the best.  

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your android phone

Step 2: Tap on a chat

Step 3: Tap on the attachment icon shown right next to your message window

Step 4: Select either ‘camera’ option or ‘gallery’ option

Step 5: Take a picture or select a picture

Step 6: you will find a clock style icon with “1” written inside right next to send button. Press it and a message will pop up displaying the details of view once option. Tap the clock button

WhatsApp View Once Deactivated
Before enabling View Once Feature
WhatsApp-View-Once Activated
View Once Enabled

Step 7: Send the image to recipient by tapping the send button

The recipient will receive your message with a clock icon on it depicting that a ‘view once’ message has been received.

Once the message has been read it will start showing “Opened” and now no one will be able to view it again


In my opinion, with ‘view once’ WhatsApp has introduced a very effective and useful feature that will allow users their privacy, ease of communication and reduce the cluttering of chats with redundant media. Let’s see how quickly can team WhatsApp roll out the feature to not only android but also iPhone users. 

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