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Worlds biggest Websites are OFFLINE – Amazon

Thanks to Amazon Cloud Web Services , some of the internet most famous websites are currently offline ,

Why Amazon Web Services are Offline

Amazon is saying it is a technical issue as the “S3” on Amazon Cloud Page is Offline . If you see on your AWS Dashboard you can notice that it has turned “Red” , which means its not accepting any requests. There is no information on when the services will start operating.

S3 service hasn’t broken but is just experiencing a higher “error rate” than usual. But the problems mean that the websites that rely on its services can’t get online all the same.

Hackers took Down Amazon Web Services down ?

Its not certain but foul play can not be ruled out , I am noticing a Zombie traffic on major backbone internet providers. What Amazon is saying also indicates a dDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack on Amazon Web Services as they say that the services are just experiencing “extra errors” , this is a traditional technique to disrupt services. We have seen such attacks on Yahoo! in the past

Famous Websites Offline due to Amazon Web Services

Some of the websites currently completely offlcine are

  • Imgur
  • Medium
  • Trello
  • SoundCloud – Soundcloud doesnt completely rely on AWS so only their Upload functions are not working

Let see how the engineers cover it up, everything is clogged up for AWS s3 for now.which other websites you know are down right now ?

Update: The down time because of Amazon S3 will stay for another Few hours , Their network is not stable yet.

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