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YouTube adds Edit Video Button and new Features

Just noticed Now .. YouTube has a “Edit Video [NEW]” Button over the video and it has some interesting features …

The first part is that we can add some quick effects to even our old and new videos in few clicks. The new online Video editing tools come right after YouTube partnered with Picnik an online image editing website …

yt-editbt.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.For content owners a new ‘Edit video’ now appears on the video’s page. Here, users can tweak the technical aspects of the video under the ‘Quick Fixes’ tab, apply video effects under the ‘Effects’ tab or lay down a new audio track using the ‘Audio’ tab.

YouTube adds the most common video editing features like trimming, rotation, and video stabilisation, as well as brightness, contrast, saturation and colour temperature control. There’s even a Google-like ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button as an auto-colour correction tool.

yt-panel.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

14 dramatic video effects, including Black and White, Sepia, Cross Process, Lomo-ish, Old-Fashioned, Cartoon, Autotrophic, Thermal, Combustion, Satellite, Heat Mao, Pixelate, Neon Green and Neon Pink are in the list to chose from while adding effects to content owners videos while retaining the same link to there videos .. or even save a New video.

yt-effects.JPG @ .:: Hackology UserBar ::.

If you’re not happy with any edits you may have made, there’s always the handy ‘Revert to Original’ button. It’s also worth noting that videos with over 1,000 views and those with third-party content are saved as new videos after edits are made. The reason is obvious so that users dont spoil something up mistakenly BUT in that way ..users shouldn’t be able to delete their videos as-well?. Never Mind a Good Feature brought in by Youtube

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