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[Tutorial] How to make a Blank Profile on Ludo Star

Ludo Star is a relatively new game which caught alot of fame in a very short time. In this tutorial post I will share the method through which you can make a Ghost Profile or keep a Blank Name in your Ludo Star Profile. Although Blank Names are not allowed to be set but as I discovered this Reverse Character 12 years ago , which led to many more discoveries. After polishing the research we were able to make new discoveries like Blank Names / Messages in WhatsApp and Instagram .

Blank Name on Ludo Star Profile Demo Video

[Tutorial] How to Keep Blank Name on Ludo Star

Lets go ahead and start off with the tutorial which will allow to keep us a Ghost Name in Ludo Star

  1. Copy the Special Blank Character provided below
    Note: You may open this post on mobile and copy the character so it is easy to paste it in the game.
  2. Once the Character is copied, open Ludo Star
  3. Click on the Pencil next to display pic to open Edit Profile in Ludo Star
  4. Click on your existing name and delete all the characters
  5. Click the “Google” Icon on the left side, followed by three dots “…” and select “Text Editing”
  6. Now touch “Paste” 6 times
    Note: I am using Google Keyboard in the above Video and Tutorial
  7. Hit Save

There you go , a blank invisible name in your Ludo Star which will make you stand out among your friends.

Download Special Blank Character


[sociallocker]Copy the Space visible between the red brackets [ ‏‏‎ ] .[/sociallocker]

Note: You may open this Post on your Mobile and copy the special character and follow the guide above

For any Issues or Questions ask in the Comments below.

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