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Google’s Keyboard Cursor slide – Best Hidden Feature

All Smartphone users have experience to the situation where we are typing a message or email on our phone, notice a typo big enough that it needs to be fixed. The process of correcting our mistake involves our big fingers to tap at the place of typo...

Zong Unethically defending whats wrong

My last post about how Zong is injecting its own code on every website of mobile users generated a debate among the circles, including Zong on Twitter. How did Zong react on people Questioning ? Zong reaction was as unethical as the act itself, they...

Zong Injecting Shady Code in User Web Traffic

Few months back it was Ufone injecting code into users web traffic by replacing Google Analytic Code. This time its Zong, a Cellular Company in Pakistan Owned by China Mobile performing even more unethical activity by injecting Malware code into...

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