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Are you planning to attend the upcoming Cyber Security for Defense Conference ? It is happening on June 26 – 28, 2019 at Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA. I did cover about AI and Blockchain in Cybersecurity Threat Detection recently and how speakers in the same conference will present in depth analysis on these topics.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain have shown potential in providing various methods for threat detection, while both differ in nature, the combination of the two or even standalone capabilities can be of great help in cyber security. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance because in this era of digitization latest attack vectors need to be warded off. This article will go in-depth showing how Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can be used for averting cyber threats. If you want to learn how bad actors work, what is done with your information and how threats can be eliminated you must attend the Cyber Security For Defense Conference where experts talk about the ‘latest’ and upcoming developments and requirements in Cybersecurity

Excerpt from my last write up explaining AI and Blockchain in cyber threat detection

What to Expect at Cyber Security for Defense

At the 5th Cyber Security for Defense event which is being held from June 26-28, 2019 you should expect vast variety of topics. This years event will cover cutting edge threats and opportunities, from both a thematic and technical perspective. Event will include military cybersecurity leaders, technical experts, researchers, academics and industry members from both titans in the space and top disrupters. Attend the event for three days of engaging topics, enlightening workshops and case studies and peer to peer networking from across the DoD and greater Intelligence Community.

Presentation Sessions Include

Defending the US from Cyber Attacks by
Hostile States and Criminals
Defending the DoD Network from
Cyber Intrusions
Sharing Information between the
Military and Private Sector
Implementing Robust Cyber
Defense Capabilities
Building Awareness of Cyber
Vulnerabilities,Incidents, and Mitigations
Maintaining a Reliable Pool of
Talented Cyber Personnel
Challenges, Successes, and Future
Investments in Cyber Security
International Military Perspectives on
Fighting Cybercrime

Discount Entry for Event

Hackology being media partners in this event is providing 20% discount on puurchase of entry pass for Cyber Security for Defense event, just use the link below and you should get the discount. You can always get more info before you plan to get your entry pass. Check out the featured content which they have shared for everyone and that alone is enough to make up your mind, as openly shared content is so informative, imagine what the conference will provide ?. If there is any issue you may let me know or you can also email [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you out.

Purchase Pass - 20% Off

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