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Google launches “Files Go” [Download]

Files Go is the latest Android application which Google might release in coming future and it is available on Google Play as unlisted. Application is Named Files Go(Google Play Link added below)

Video Demo of Google Files GO


What is Google Files Go

Files Go by Google is ‘another’ file manager app with its main focus on freeing up storage space on Android devices, and managing files (limited scope here).

Files Go requires no extra permissions when you install it. Files Go has a cards-based design. Application displays storage tips at the top, and below with options to remove files, cache, media, apps and other items from the device.

Files Go


The application highlights how much you can free up when you clear all items of a group, but gives you greater control over the process.Google introduced a similar free up space estimates in their Google Photos App.

Tapping on “Free up” link displays all items of the group, and it is up to you to select none, some or all of the items for deletion. The following item groups are supported by Files Go at the time of writing this:

  • App Cache
  • WhatsApp media
  • Downloaded Media
  • Duplicate Files
  • Junk Files

The storage part of Files Go supports more options. Application notifies you with alerts when the storage space is nearly full, when apps have not been used for at least 30 days and when downloaded files take up a lot of space on the device.

Files Go is currently not a complete file manager that lets you browse complete SD Card; it displays popular folders, downloads, received files or videos only.

One interesting feature that i found in Files Go is that it supports transfer of files over Wi-Fi between devices, as long as all devices are connected to the same wireless network.  Files Go do need additional permissions to find friends and set a fast Hotspot on the device for that to work though.

Download Google Files Go

  • Download and Install Files Go from Google Playstore
  • If for some reason you can not open the above link as it is unlisted and might be restricted in your country you can download a copy from APK Mirror

Most of File Go features are pretty standard with the exception of the ability to share files offline between friends, which seems pretty unique. All things considered, though, this is a good-looking file manager that has some useful functions. Google devices have always been lacking a solid file manager, and Files Go fixes that in a package less than 10MB large (5.4 MB precise). Whats your take on this new addition ?


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