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Emoji Kitchen Google Gboard

Emoji Kitchen – Customized Sticker Maker by Google

Ever felt that even with the staggering amount of emojis, there is something always missing? Well, Google’s Gboard keyboard launched a Beta version that lets you mix emojis to create a new one, essentially creating new emojis using recipes hence the name “Emoji Kitchen.” Gboard for Android allows you to mash up different emojis to express your feelings in a better manner while messaging!

If you want to start cooking now, join the Gboard Beta program and try it out on your favorite communication apps, including GmailMessages by GoogleMessengerSnapchatTelegramWhatsApp, and more.

Jennifer Daniel – Creative Director, Emoji

You can create a cowboy ghost, a monkey cowboy, a monkey cactus (why though), and many more, although the stickers that you create using Emoji Kitchen are only supported in specific places and will not work everywhere. But still, this is the beta version of the Gboard app, so this was expected, but as soon as the final version is released, a lot will improve.

New cowboy Emoji variations which you can create and even more

However, currently, you can not mix all of the emojis with each other because they aren’t AI-generated. Instead, the designers at Google have created all the current “recipes.” But how do you know if two emojis can be mashed up? That’s easy. When you click on an emoji, the suggestion area will show you how that emoji can be changed to other similar forms.

A Demo of Emoji Kitchen in action

The official announcement by Google on Twitter

Activate Emoji Kitchen by Google for your device

You have to be a beta tester for now if you want to use this feature and that can be easily done by following these two methods:

  1. Open PlayStore, open Gboard, and under the Developer contacts, you can join their Beta testing program if you have installed Gboard on your device.
  2. You can also Click the Beta Join Link and become beta user.
  3. After joining the beta you see an update of the current app, just update GBoard and test out Emoji Kitchen

That’s it, and now you can share these new emojis using a variety of different combinations. Emoji Kitchen first appeared on the beta release of Gboard.

Emoji Kitchen Google update
You can see various emoticons have been used to create customized Emojis


Google’s Keyboard has forever been my favourite as it offers a lot more than other keyboards, such as translations, quick information about things, a variety of GIFs and better movement than other keyboards. With this new emoji kitchen update, it will be a lot more fun to use the Gboard. Although it will give birth to emoticons which might not convey their meaning easily, as it is the will and wish of the creator to make whatever they find interesting


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