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Google Chrome QR Code Method

Google QR Code Feature Makes Sharing Easy and Fast

A lot of users can see the new QR Code option on their Google Chrome , but unfortunately, this addition was a silent one as compared to the Google QR sign-in feature. This has not been the first time Google has implemented a QR code system to make things easier for its users. So what can you do with Google’s new QR Code option? To sum it all up, it lets you share a webpage or an image. Let’s take a look at how this is made possible and what it would mean for the users.

How to create QR Code in Google Chrome Browser?

QR codes make it a lot easier to do things nowadays like making payments, bookings, sharing, adding friends and so much more. Hence Google Chrome implemented something similar before and we can see it once again. This time Google allows users to create QR codes of the webpage URL that can be scanned. It is a two-step process to create a QR for a page:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the webpage which you want to share.
  2. Select the option ‘Create QR code for this page
Google Chrome Browser QR Code How To
Hackology’s QR code

Voila, the QR for your page is ready and can now be shared. Download the QR code and post it anywhere you want. Anyone can scan your QR with a QR code application and the URL of the page will be displayed on their application thus allowing them to visit the page. Another way of making the QR Code is if you click on the address bar you will see a QR code icon on the right side just next to the bookmark star and you can also click that box and proceed with downloading the QR Code as explained earlier. The Dino image touch is interesting and goes well with the Google Dino

QR Code Limitations ?

The largest QR Code size can accommodate about 7089 numeric characters and 4296 alphanumeric characters. While Google chrome QR Code sharing feature only allows making of QR code which is 250 character or less. If you try to share a URL which is greater then 250 characters you will get a message “Use 250 Characters or fewer“. Most users may never get to see this warning but the limit of 250 characters does seem very less.

Google Chrome QR Code 250 Characters Limit

Google Chrome QR Code Feature

It’s a nice small little feature but Google is famous for adding and removing features / services. QR Code feature in Chrome will let users post QR codes and anyone can quickly scan to go to the website/page you want. Sometimes there is a restriction for posting links in some groups, channels, etc and this feature lets you bypass that by creating a QR code for a page and posting it without detection.

Another neat feature of the QR code is that it does not require an Internet connection to be made or scanned. How is it possible? Well, that’s easy to explain as QR codes are like bar codes but with more capacity to store data. They are not created, uploaded, and stored on the Internet when you make them.


Google added this feature, but why hasn’t this been talked about? That’s because Google is late to the party there are free extensions that will do the same thing. One similar extension dates back to 2017. Considering that someone somewhere thought of this and made this into a reality four years before Google sounds funny. Anyhow the official version of anything is usually better than 3rd party products and extensions, so it is a nice feature that Google has added.

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